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38yo -


  • The spice of a brunette, a haunting look, a Mediterranean color elegance, long hair cascading. At once the eternal woman and in her  eyes, something of childhood.
  • At 38, single - but not for long - she is responsible for export zone in a major company.
  • After graduating from the Business School, she goes to the assault of an MBA - USA - she wins. In passing she perfects her English and German.
  • Catholic non-practicing, she grew up in a loving and rich family of values.
  • If she has never lacked sighers often eager, the life of couple has only one item stamped ... 2 years ...
  • The cause of bad luck, distance and difference of cultures. And even to an emotional maturity that took its time
  • Animals ? she is not a fan, nor is she.

She is...

  • Emotive, kind, cheerful, optimistic often funny but also direct.
  • Refined tastes and broad life designs.
  • Creative, rational, she knows how to rebound.
  • Always  has a curious mind.
  • At once traditional and original, she has her expectations and her models, which push her to look upwards.

She likes...

  • All ways to travel.
  • Music that makes her dance (rock - Latin - pop).
  • Reading, often personal development.
  • Plays tennis, swiming and runing .
  • The theater in Paris.
  • Receive the friends.
  • Fashion, a museum, a restaurant, multimedia, cinema

What he would be like...

  • Single.
  • Pretty brown, Mediterranean style.
  • 35 to 43 years old, wanting children.
  • French, European, Italian, Lebanese
  • Thin but not skinny.
  • Affectionate, generous, good family.

Reference : 300CALMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Chief Financial Officer International Bank

52yo -


  • The eternal feminine exists, Monceau St Honoré met her already .
  • A mixture of youthful freshness in a  charming face ... and a spreding sensuality, in her body language and the curve of her leg.
  • as  much   as her feminine is eternal that we do not suspect a that she is fifty until she  announces it her self ...
  • a long, smooth, brown hair falls on her shoulder. The still childish  lost in the green and chestnut, and something of BCBG betrays a quality of social environment.
  • She has been divorced from a few  years and she  is a financial director in banking.
  • She is bilingual French-English, graduated from Science Po-Paris and doctor in economics.
  • And for the curious, non-smoker and more of the evening.
  •   After 28 years of a life couple, this non-practicing Protestant is the image of this song of the sixties "for me life will begin". She will begin with a man who will have remained young and will be able to be in  tenderness,  protect her  and loyal to her.

She is...

  • Open in her relations but also reserved.
  • Emotive, hyper sensitive, feminine
  • Vulnerable to negative events
  • Support, recognition and consensus balance
  • impatient in his expectations
  • Refined in its tastes.
  • Prefers to avoid conflicts.
  • And in feelings a romantic garden

She likes...

  • The sun and the culture of a foreign countries istorical fiction and the current facts of society.
  • Novels, often in English
  • The music yes,  electrical ,played  the flute when she was  Younger  .
  • At a time…. The gym ... the ski .... Golf…. Fitness
  •  theater, museum, restaurant, concert, dance ...
  • Not at all: tobacco

What he would be like...

  • mostly tall, slim and sporty.
  • Elegantbetween 50 to 60 years.
  • French or foreign.
  •  has a Young of spirit.
  • Reliable, tender and loyal.


Reference : 300DMVMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Director Publishing Company

46yo -
Around Paris


  • She has LONG HAIR COLOR  that fall in rolls on the shoulder. The look is Zen, the subtle and discreet charm that deserves to be lingered. She is one of those slender women with a modern, casual but chic style.
  • we would feel  like a perfume from far away or from another era. We would see her as a novel character in "Cruise on the Nile", or maybe in ... unknown to "L'Orient Express"!
  • At 46 she runs her publishing company and ... in the private sector she is divorced.
  • From Catholic family, non-practicing she opted for a course of study School of Commerce and B.A International Trade. From her origins she speaks English and French and then adds a string to her bow; the language of Cervantes. From one thing to another, her taste for the arts and expressing professions led her to publishing.
  • She likes to think that the wheel of fortune and the wagon of happiness will be for very soon. And why not thanks to the mysteries of Monceau st Honoré?


She is...

She describe herself.

"Open and curious in  nature, i like to meet the other, learn from its differences.

I like to enjoy life, laugh and take things backwards.

I am playful but determined when the situation requires it, able to take charge of projects.

Authentic, I am a person you can count on. I like spending time with my friends. "

We do not have much to add

  • Extrovert, optimistic.
  • Creative, rational.
  • Generous, tolerant.

She likes...

  • Her  job, her house.
  • Trips, tours, hotels, trekkings.
  • Biographies, novels.
  • news.
  • The piano she plays it , and the pop and classical music.
  •  ... , skiing and water skiing.
  • And besides that ?

She goes

  • dancing.
  • to the restaurant
  • to the concert
  • Go see a comedy or a historical film
  • Turn on the TV for a report or news
  • And ... we were going to forget, children and cats!


What he would be like...

French or not, it does not matter as long as it is open, cultivated, with GOOD  heart and reliable.

Between be 45 to 60 years old and will have a higher education.


Reference : 300RNMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Marketing and Operations Europe

52yo -


As the song says, "The brunettes do not count for plums ..."

The one that interests us does not derogate with, by saying it,  and more some solidity  for evryone.

    • A spiciness, a preserved freshness, a movement in her hair .
    • Green eyes and a look that send the challenge, gaiety, curiosity, benevolence, fantasy.
    • And then  the look  for today, both chic and casual, and especially attractive.
  • At the age of 50, she was discovered  as marketing and operations manager - Europe of a big company.
  • Divorced, after 25 years of life as a couple, she feels ready to drink the elixir of life again, especially since her grail is made of hope and optimism for her good and  others as well.
  • A little history…..
    • A happy childhood
    • A non-practicing Catholic family with classic values.
    • Graduate studies leading to a MBA Marketing-International-Business in the United States
    • A good knowledge in  Shakespeare language , that of Cervantes  and not to mention that  she is  of Molière and almost enough to be understood in Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin ...
  • And today…

         She continues :

  • she is non-smoking
  • is redecorating her apartment
  • And is more of the evening than of the morning.


She is...

  • These people who knows what they want, possess seriousness, respect and self-awareness, stability and optimism.
  • Rational, structured, realistic, positive.
  • She has sociable feelings, generous, complet, constant, mindful of clarity.
  • Eclectic tastes, refined, comfortable, where the sensoriality in its place.


She likes...

  • The sea.
  • Travel.
  • Photography.
  • news.
  • A thriller at the cinema.
  • Theater.
  • The series on TV.
  • A novel to dive into.
  • Yoga, pilates, aquabike, to get moving.
  • Go dancing.
  • Listen to an air of Jazz, Pop, or variety.
  • A restaurant.
  • Oenology.
  • Receive and have friends.


What he would be like...

  • A Frenchman, a European and why not an American.
  • Superior Studies.
  • A responsible, open, serious, dynamic, positive and enthusiastic man.
  • Loving like her; the sea, a trip, a brunch, a picnic, an evening beside the fire.


Reference : 300LFMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Liberal profession

39yo -


  • She is one of those timeless women that any  director could effortlessly makes her  live in any pereod. A thousand and one nights to the unknown of the Orient Express. Tall, slender, dressed with taste and elegance, she exudes an indefinable charm that her beautiful hair and her   accentuate look.
  • Single, has no  children, she is approaching midlife even if it is hard to believe.
  • After five years of life as a couple, trust  and betrayal step , she always hopes  to find  the one who will be the man of her life and the father of her child.
  • As an art mediator, she is rich in a linguistic studies degree : English, Japanese, Spanish and notions of oriental languages.
  • Not smoker , she also says she is more nocturnal than morning and loves  animals even if she has no cat, dog, turtle,  neither lama nor parrot!.


She is...

  • Sensitive, delicate, intuitive, gentle, refined.
  • Pacific, inspired, surprising.
  • full of humor.
  • Optimistic, quite outgoing, curious.
  • Generous of heart, romantic.
  • Thoughtful about important decisions.
  • Sensitive to the protection.


She likes...

  • The arts: painting, architecture, museums, photography, fashion and decoration, theater.
  • In music: Opera, classical music, world music.
  • Read: Biographies, poetry, art books.
  • Dance, golf, swim, walk.
  • A thriller, a fantastic film, a documentary in the cinema.


What he would be like...

  • A French, a European, a foreigner ...
  • From 40 to 55 years.
  • Honest, passionate,  and hardworker.
  • Wanting  a child, possibly having already.



Reference : 300ABNMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


International Headhunter

38yo -


  • Feminine, slender,
  • A blue  look , quiet,
  • A perfect blonde,
  • And discreet elegance.

Maurice Leblanc, in her novels, would do the secret love from a gentleman named Lupin, and prenamed, saying Arsene.

  • At 38 years old , if she kept her teenager silhouette she acquired many things. Already a well-made head: International Trade Law, and DEA-ASSAS. Even to the point of chasing them ... heads! By a security of judgment and a sense of analysis, guided by the esteeming  of  the others.
  • Single has no children - not for long, she will bring into the basket a finesse, a charm and values of righteousness, fidelity, requirement, in accordance with her reformed education.
  • If success accompanies her career, she is waiting on the side of privat life . There was certainly a time of life for two, long enough to realize that shone by their absences, ideals and common convictions. All that remained was the courage not to bog down and fall into the waters of uncertain chances. Until the day when they told  her about Monceau st Honoré, where there are  others  just like her,  by meetting their happiness quite simply.


She is...

  • Dynamic, fresh but also sensitive, emotional, receptive.
  • But under a week  outside, she is a dynamic volunteer perfectionist in her actions and  has  right thinking  .
  • In the city, she is elegant, open to others, refined, esthete.
  • And in private, attentive, faithful, complet and loyal, often creative, that she does not spoil anything.


She likes...

  • French films.
  • Authors' films.
  • Politics, current events.
  • Theater, photo, museum.
  • Heliophile, she likes the sea but also the nature and the hikes.
  • Asthetics and fashion.
  • A good novel and a little all the music.
  • Alpine and water skiing, swimming, cycling, running ...
  • And then the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.


What he would be like...

  • Single or divorced but not  more than two children.
  • French, European, between 40 and 50 years old.
  • Religion can  be counted.
  • A straight man, generous, faithful, attentive, stable, balanced.


Reference : 300LAMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Consultant in Information System and Finance

44yo -


  • Long brown hair cascading on the shoulder ...
  • The sweetness of the look ...
  • A pulpy carnation that inclines to love ...
  • A natural elegance ...


WOMAN THROUGH AGES, beyond borders and seas.

Single has no children, she is only 40 years old and she is a consultant in computer systems and finance.

  • A curriculum provided, ESCEM, M.B.A at ISEG, another at Oxford in organization and leadership.
  • Multilingual sides that do not spoil anything: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of German.
  • Catholic, she does not practice, nor does she smoke.
  • garden love side , there were some thorns of rose and some weeds, not to mention a few years  a couple life  where the gentleman did not involve more than that. Today she knows what she wants and what would suit her, starting with a choice: MONCEAU ST HONORE.


She is...

  • Feminine, pleasant, elegant.
  • Reserved, shy when she does not know, open and engaging when she has made her mark.
  • Sentimental, affectionate and sensory.
  • Serious in his choices, not liking to disappoint, demanding.
  • Eclectic, curious to discover and artist in his tastes.


She likes...

  • A trip without a guide, visiting major cities, a hotel in Seychelles, Thailand, or somewhere in Asia.
  • Coaching, personal development, arts, singing, activities she wants to develop.
  • Yoga, zumba, pilates.
  • A thriller, a romantic comedy or a movie thriller.
  • A concert, a good restaurant.


What he would be like...

  • Mostly Latin, French, European, foreign, or even mixed.
  • between 37 to 47 years old, preferably without children.
  • Religion matters.
  • A reliable, generous, respectful, sociable, intelligent, fun at times, and if it is a bit manual, so much the better.


Reference : 300SVMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad



66yo -
Between Paris and Geneva


  • For a painter, an etching, a chestnut-haired face running backwards, with the breath of a sea breeze.
  • For a stylist, a slim and toned silhouette, with refined elegance.
  • For a polar author, a pep's, a dog ...
  • And for you, Mr, who are in his age, a strong and urgent desire to meet a woman in her sixties, who would never be given.
  • She is one of those people who have a sort of destiny, somewhere between their place of birth and the place where their life will take place.
  • Catholic non-practicing and now divorced, she feels ready to help fate again so that he gives her another!
  • She prefers to live in the evening , not to smoke well  to do the opposite, and has  no prejudice against animals.



She is...

  • Percutante, animated, direct.
  • Frank and honest.
  • Generous .
  • Logic has thetic mind.
  • Fading quickly for what she finds useless and superfluous.
  • Realistic and courageous.
  • Demanding on the quality things.


She likes...

  • Traveling, the hotels.
  • Politics and news.
  • The arts in general.
  • In particular golf, tennis and swimming.
  • To read a lot.
  • Its interior also ...
  • A restaurant, the decor, a concert, a  theater play.



What he would be like...

  • Between  60 to 71 years old.
  • French or European.
  • Religion counts as well as values.
  • An available man, full of life and broad-minded.


Reference : 300MFMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Consultant at the International

39yo -
Between Paris and abroad


  • She could play the ingenuous theater, a saga heroine, rich by freshness and femininity.
  • She could play the Musset, Vigny and Lamartine if they came back, making  their inspirer, and after all would never believe that this young auburn hair beauty, belongs to the 21st century, close to forty, just divorced ( has no  children) and he  is a consultant.
  • Born into a family where education and values are added to an art of living, this non-practicing Catholic obtains a D.E.A from management and administration of companies.
  • The practice of English, Spanish and Russian is for her an additional  desir to move forward.
  • After seven years of life as a couple with huge  age difference .it was the time for separation and balancing things . She feels ready now for a more lifely s,tronger relationship  and having  loving couple in the future .

She is...

  • Emotive, enthusiastic, youthful, fresh.
  • Imaginative person  full of  life, impulsive.
  • Optimistic and extroverted, available and dynamic.
  • Casual as well as refined and elegant.
  • Generous and romantic in love.
  • Paradoxical by her contrasts and dualities.


She likes...

  • Traveling: Circuits, hotels, cruises, change of scenery.
  • Listen to music: Classic, disco and pop.
  • to read: Novels, history, geopolitics.
  • Play ... tennis, do ... jogging, and ride ... on horseback.
  • See at the cinema a thriller.
  • To be happy and positive in everyday life.

What he would be like...

  • A man with sociable character, open mind , charming and generous,  knows how to be happy in his live.
  • between 40 to 55, French, European or foreigners.
  • From his region or ather .....


Reference : 300CAMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Head of Department - International Organization

50yo -
Between Paris and Qatar


  • She is one of those women who has a sparkle and make you want to live without stopping in the middle of the ford.
  • the  fifties coming to her like a glove. Brown with black eyes, she is solar, typical and  there is always smile on her face.
  • Fashionable and up to date, she knows how to highlight a slim and toned silhouette.
  • Returned as  single  without children, she made the point. that She feels ready today for a strong, lasting and profound relationship.
  • In the city, she is  the head of department in an international organization, the culmination of a successful course. First engineer in industrial engineering, then holds a master's degree in economics abroad.
  • And in life she is a non-smoker  usaly d sport in the morning, and not very  interested  in the idea of raising  animals at home.


She is...

  • Optimistic, swinging, determined and generous.
  • Elegant, always smilng  and cheerful.
  • Cultivated, responsible and rational.
  • Serious and deep in love .
  • Direct , honest and rigorous, she does not hesitate to go to the end of her exactitude.

She likes...

  • Her profession, her  house and sports. The gym, swiming,  to play tennis.
  • A trip to Japan, a trip to Seychelles, a trip to Germany.
  • News and scientific programs.
  • Being in fashion.
  •  to read ; from the psychiatrist to poetry.
  • Nature, ballads, a dramatic film.
  • The pictures , the museums, a restaurent.


What he would be like...

  • A Frenchman or a European.
  • Between  48 to 52 years.
  • A high level of study, a man who has principles, knowes how to live, and who is not afraid to engage.



Reference : 300BMMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


International Ombudsman

64yo -
Between Paris and Geneva


  • She is one of those women whose their  absence is quickly noticed: because there is something in their personality called radiance and the joy of living.
  • At 64, she kept that shine, a blond, and a chic that is called the taste. In tailor pants blue sea, and high heels, we would like to invite her in a lux  restaurent of some capital of Europe or the world.
  • She is divorced has no  children and has a liberal profession.
  • When she was younger, she earned a doctorate in literature and education sciences.
  • Catholic, she has a communicative look on the world, she speaks German, French, English and a little Italian. She also likes to get up early but not to grill the first cigarette because she does not smoke.
  • Today one thing interests her more than anything: to share with the soulmate all the riches and the tastes that will be offered by their two personalities.


She is...

  • Full of life and know how to live.
  • Optimistic, laughing, enjoying the sens of humor.
  • Curious, extrovert, creative.
  • Dynamic and impatient.
  • With good self-confidence and affirmation qualities
  • Refined and exigent  about the quality of people and things.


She likes...

  •  to Write and  read of course.
  •  Singing and  before she played the piano.
  • Traveling, preferably by individual circuit.
  • A little classical music, disco, a little rock (madam is eclectic)
  • Tennis, golf, swimming
  • The emission of Ruquier "we are not lying"
  • Nature
  • Restaurant or reciving guestes at home

What he would be like...

  • A man from 60 to 67 years old
  • French or European
  • Cultivated - refined - caring and open to the world

Reference : 300KBMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Financial analyst

34yo -
Around Paris


She's a pretty woman with many WAYS -

At 34, single, with her long brown hair we could see in Arsene Lupine's Heroine; his blue eyes, his bet of walker of a Sunday to city of AVRAY could have inspired Théophile Gautier.

By combining current fashion and romantic look, she is this timeless woman that an impressionist would like to paint forever.

She is now a Financial Analyst after a Master of Science in Corporate Financial Management.

Known languages, German, English, French.

She is...

  • Emotive under a calm and posed outside.
  • Reserved, serious, rather introverted.
  • Feminine, attractive and refined, esthete and woman of taste.
  • Rational and spirit attached to agreements.
  • Vigilante and demanding in his functions.


She likes...

Martial arts

- Practice self defense and walking.

- Love to read: crime novels, comedy romantic and love stories.

- Listen to the French variety.

- Follow the news, political, social and economic, as well as fashion.

- See at the cinema a thriller, an action movie where sentimental.

- Discover a fine table, a recipe.

- Go dancing

- To receive

- And for travel AUSTRALIA, JAPAN and STATES

What he would be like...

A man from 34 to 40 years old

- Single, widowed or divorced and childless

- French or European

- Higher education, resulting from a higher education (HEC, Sciences Po ...)

- HONEST, passionate, faithful and loyal boy, conformist and traditional.

Reference : 300LNMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


HRD - National Group

54yo -


The mystery drawing in her beautiful blond hair could have inspired Titian or, closer to us, Hamilton.

Fine, fragile and decided at the same time, as soon as it comes alive it releases a personality, associating a profile as intellectual as creative and an instinctive sense to turn towards the other ...

Elegant with a very personal charm, with a warm  smile  , the line toned; she heals her image but with simplicity and naturalness.

She is a widow.

Through an international career, mobilizing people and structures to cooperate and transform has always been his vocation. Today, she decided to ask a little more, while continuing  what she likes. With humor and a smile, she says it's time to enjoy life for her own pleasure and happiness.

She practices as Director of Human Development in a group, after higher education (ESSEC IMD)

Always driven by the novelty, her creativity and  permanent curiosity opens easily to new knowledge and worlds ...

But behind this thirst for entrepreneurship and strong energy, she knows that her great receptiveness to the world and to things requires her to recharge her batteries to keep the same quality of commitment and the pleasure of the present moment ...

Catholic, she does not practice.

Morning or evening? ... whatever.

Spoken languages, English - French.

She is...

  • Multi-faceted personality.
  • Active, enterprising, full of projects, optimistic,
  • Curious about life, rational and creative at the same time.
  • But also sensitive to the world around her, very feminine,
  • With a reserved and fragile side.
  • Elegant, neat, caring about her image, and her tastes is  Refined.
  • Demanding on the quality of beings and things.
  • Generous constant and loyal in love, honest and
  • Right in his values.


She likes...

  • Her violin of Ingres, the plastic arts.
  • Reading, telling herself Lectivore!
  • The gym, swimming.
  • Painting, fashion, decoration.
  • Receive or go to the restaurant.
  • Travel and follow the news.


What he would be like...

  • He will be between 54 and 64 years old.
  • Optimistic in her way of seeing the world.
  • A man who knows how to take care of her .
  • Who is  with the other kindn respect and  has Attentions.
  • Who will have values and especially nothing extreme in
  • Religion or opinion.
  • Who will not be in a badly decanted situation in complexity.
  • European or Foreign - but not living so far.

Reference : 300TPSMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Real Estate Consultant

49yo -


Sometimes the sky makes gifts,

For her a silhouette  we can not be more feminine, curvy, toned, a natural elegance.

For her again, a look, the tawny reflection of her  hair, the pulpy drawing of the mouth.

In the middle of 40 she kept all the assets.

A true capital for this real estate consultant once again single after a decade of life as a couple.

Beyond these qualities that  we notice  from first contact that we get , we feel a woman who takes care not to get lost and who gives herself goals. Behind the optimism a finesse a choice of life.

Because of her previous relationship suffered from many  difference in the art of living.

On the career side, she was able to climb the ladder from a good level of studies.

About Commercial fiber, she has it. She manages in "English" and "Spanish".

Stands away from religions and feels fit in the morning; go ...... it's worth a bit of smoke but no more than 2 cigarettes a day ... and more!.

She is...

  • Elegant optimistic, generous and relaxed.
  • Of those who know how to conjugate head on the shoulders and grain  madness.
  • And those who hates to take the lead at Lesser cloud in the blue sky.
  • Refined tastes with the sense of the requirement and the Quality.

She likes...

  • Dancing, skiing, yoga, trekking, swimming in the open sea.
  • The mountain too.
  • A foreign trip in the singular as in the plural.
  • A film, a debate on TV, a museum, a concert; a
  • restaurant ... .the Arts in general.
  • The music that fascinates her with all the styles she contains.
  • Read a little bit of everything.

What he would be like...

  • the one  will be between  50/55, lives on Paris and Parisian region.
  • Serious, generous heart and humor.
  • mostly big, 1m78 - 1m80 a presence.
  • Nothing prominent in  religion.
  • Preferably  hasc no pinched lips, no small eyes.




Reference : 300TMMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


31yo -


There are THOSE  who makes tons

Those who cultivate a look.

THOSE that are in the effect..


And THOSE that prefer the natural and the authentic.


SHE belongs to this second family ... which does not exclude the femininity of  silhouette, a blondness cleverly highlighted by a black dress , highlights. If we add a blue look between mutineer and mysterious, we want to know more and better.

-has 31years.

- Single.

-Financial Advisor.



-mostly  evening than morning.

-Speaking English and Spanish.

- After higher education (ITP graduate) she embarked on Banking,

- Consulting sector.

-On the Lovers slope, three years of married life before realizing that evolve differently reflects differences of substance.


Today, her  conviction is made, to build a real couple, harmonious solid in accordance with her aspirations.

She is...

  • natural.
  • Simple.
  • reserved.
  • Quite secret.
  • autonomous.
  • demanding.
  • constructive.
  • Optimistic.
  • determined.
  • Realistic and down to earth.
  • Curious and open minded.

She likes...

-  Enough Arts, painting, theater, cinema, concert and museums.

-In music, VF, Rock, and classic

-Modern novels in literature

-News, Politics

-A handyman here and there

-To receive the friends,  or an exit to the restaurant. ..

-Swimming, walking, just to balance.


build a real couple, harmonious solid in accordance with his aspirations.

What he would be like...

-He will be between 30 and 45 years old.

-will be French or European

-An open-minded, serious, profound, hard-working, intellectual

-has Higher studies

Reference : 300BIMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


50yo -


  • Above all, a woman with her long blonde locks scattered over her shoulder, her deep, vivid and punchy gaze where she filters a zest of seduction.
  • her limitlessly mischievous nose. And then, its fine and proportioned silhouette made for understated elegance.


  • And also ... CURRENT, because she feels modern, fresh, moving, able to face life. Because one guesses that she is  open to the new ideas, without so much as "to swallow", the classic values.


  • She is now 50 years old and is practicing as a scientific administrator after having completed a postgraduate diploma in pharmacy.
  • She speaks English (bilingual), Spanish and German ... has no inclination for any religion ... she is not specially animals lover , nor cigarette, nor compulsive morning.
  • Ah ... important, Madam is divorced, and therefore she is  free, waiting for the meeting that will be the  best match for  her tastes and personality.

She is...

-Courageous, voluntary, optimistic, conscious and anxious to prove her qualities.

-With the sense of service and generosity in action.

-Quite open and emotional, but able to contain his emotions in the face of danger.

-Cerebral in her abilities with wealth of interests. Rarely short of ideas and answers.

-Loving cultivate a personal form of relaxation.

-And, somewhere, a need to be loved, that she does not always know how to show.

She likes...

-Traveling on sports, but cultural themes.

- as  a plus for Asia, its culture, and Buddhism.

-her project to help children.

-Reading, cultivating, sociology, travel, politics, novels.

-Listen to some music especially that  in the past she played piano.

-Spend herrself: tennis, sailing, swimming, and yoga.

-Enough of the arts, the decor, a museum, a restaurant, and little or no TV at all.

What he would be like...

-French, but why not stranger.

-between  47 to 57 years old.

-Without a particular religion or not practicing.

-Studies sup, or a self-taught quality.

-Openness, taste of discovery.

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31yo -


Has a Parisian culture and education ....

Thai by birth 31 years ago, somewhere in Siam, ....


Single and preparatory in pharmacy she has everything to succeed in  her life, do not lack more than the soulmate, which will not delay.she is always Smiling, lively, curvy figure, perfect, enhanced by long black hair,she has a natural pep that she never seems to play.


- Her curriculum: higher education.

With a bifurcation when she discovers a taste for the pharmacy


She masters English and of course French.

She is Catholic, non-smoker, loves animals and already ... Children

that will ...

She is...

★ Sparkling, lively, but reserved when she does not know.

★ Neat, neat, elegant and refined.

★ Her affections are serious, loyal and profound.

★ She is an optimist, active, hard-working and dedicated


★ Her  attachment to traditional values is strong for the others.


She likes...

★ Interested: politics, news, watching shows

documentary and historical and astronomy.

★ Connect music, Latin American and classic sector too

to play

of piano.

★ Escape into a novel or just enjoy a walk in the mountains.

★ Practice dancing, horseback riding, lounge, skiing, swimming and start golf.

★ Go to the movies, romantic film or stamped S.F.

★ In BULK .... A stroll, a flea market, a museum, a restaurant, receive friends, or a concert.

★ His countries? United Kingdom and Canada.

What he would be like...

. A Frenchman between 30 - 40 years old.

. Single has no children

. A strong man, healthy, sociable, caring, affectionate, attentive,

.faithful and courageous in the trials of life.


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65yo - Divorced


  • A gray suit , a tone-on-tone coat, highlighted hair, glasses with very intellectual frame, light fasteners, a very Parisian touch, all is feminine, airy, elegant, and chosen.


  • She is slowly finishing her career in the senior civil service. She is divorced, a non-practicing Catholic. her curriculum? letters, Po science and eco sciences.


  • Her  origin ? where is  values of seriousness, worth  and loyalty are in their place. And so transmitted.


  • Her style ? simple, balanced, fulfilled, active, morning. No cigarette, neither one nor more! and for the moment, no animals, even if she likes them.


  • •And today ? a nascent sixty, and an image in the mirror, send her eflection. that  that nothing is ever finished in life, if you have taken care of yourself, to take better care of others.

She is...

  • above all, optimistic heart and generous background. To mix with a structured and rational mind.


  • Reserved, but very open to others, attentive and involved, never rancorous.
  • Active, applied, classic, but also relaxed, cool, available, short, casual.
  • And befor all, optimistic has a good with generous background. To mix with a structured and rational mind.


She likes...

-Cruises, circuits, but also his interior.

-All kinds of films, but not the S.F.

-All musical styles, without having a real musical culture.

-befor all, novels, essays.

-Has an eye on fashion, another on the decor, and above all, feel good about himself.

-Walking, swimming, fitness.

-Not to mention, political news.

What he would be like...

  • •A Frenchman, or a European.
  • •it better if   he is catholic.
  • •between  60-68 years.
  • •An open mind, the sense of family, a higher education level.
  • •Dynamic, with the sense of well-being.


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52yo - Divorced


  • Her smile, generous, radiant and infinitely feminine, is an open door to life.
  • Her long brown hair frames an oval face, fair complexion and hazel eyes.
  • She is one of those women who have something of their own and who are eager to learn more.
  • She starts a brand new 50ty, with a face that has not changed much ...
  • ... Since his long studies in economics (3rd cycle Dauphine and economist today) ...
  • Since youth trials ...
  • Since a divorce ...
  • But nothing that discourages a confident woman in her star, that there is somewhere, a being that corresponds to him

- A little more in the "story" of the lady ...

*She is a practicing Catholic.

*She loves cats.

*She speaks an approximate English.

*She is morning.

*And in the column smoker, or non-smoker, she cuts the mention useless (smoker) and answers no (take the time to think and you will understand, that it does not smoke !!).

She is...

She is open to others, communicative, emotional, sensitive and sentimental and therefore able to give a lot, both by generosity and conviction.

* She is also instinctive, relaxed, knowing how to take the good moments and share them. His tastes are refined.

* In addition, a desire for balance and security, which goes hand in hand with a spiritual dimension, as much as rational. Not to mention, the artistic sense.

She likes...

  • The music, plays the piano, enjoys the classical and the majestic sound of the organ.
  • Follow a conference, news, politics ...
  • To cultivate oneself, by various readings.
  • Take a look at fashion, another to , see a movie, get a restaurant, receive "at home".
  • To travel.

What he would be like...

  • She prefers him Catholic.
  • Mostly French, but why not a European?
  • Between 50 to 60 years old.
  • A man with qualities of heart, tenderness, kindness, sincerity and morally reliable.

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60aine yo - Divorced


  • She is one of those women whom the figure 6 of 60  has no hold on the freshness of a face, the tonicity of the features, and the pace, clear and smiling.


  • She is one of women whose smile is as much in the eye as on the lips.
  • And also of these fine women, small limit, in whom  has a modern style and sportswear goes like a glove.
  • Company director, divorced for a few years, she can now lift her foot, think of her and find a companion, for the sharing of a quality of life for the happiness of everyone.
  • Her values are classic bourgeois as the sociologist of service would say. Catholic non-practicing,  also said that the morning, non-smoker, and decided to tell you more about the meeting. Perhaps even in English,  she admits modestly that she masters only a few notions.

She is...

-Balanced, sincere, between openness and reserve, adapting to situations, generous  has heart frank and honest.

-Optimistic in her life, we discover at the approach, a patient, organized, rational, persevering and adaptable character.

And refined, clean and has  chosen tastes.

-More emotional and sensitive than her dynamic pace suggests.

 known by her Clarity and loyalty are among his qualities.

She likes...

  • •His interior, the arts, fashion, decoration.
  • •A movie, a play.
  • •A concert of classical music, a museum.
  • •A cruise, a trip to Asia, a trip to "STATES" and entertaining friends.


What he would be like...

-between 65 to 75 years old.

-French or European.

-Physics neat or knowing how to  give the image that befits.

-Higher studies.

 -has a Moral honesty  and he is an important criterion.


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47yo - Divorced



  • SHE ... is one of those women  whom we go  totaly naturally, whether we meet her in an evening, at an expo, or at a friend's house, or at a cocktail party with the ambassadors.
  • BLONDE WITH GREEN-HAZELY EYES, , pretty legs and engaging smile, she radiates the joy of living and loving again and again.
  • At 47 years old , this commercial director of a large brokerage firm is determined to give back to her love life, this constructive momentum heralding a bright future
  • LEARN MORE: Studiy career, yes, EOC, IAE Paris, and DESS Marketing. Languages spoken: English, Spanish. Education: Classical, Catholic, non-practicing. Lifestyle, mostly  morning,  animal, non-smoker, though ... on occasion, one or two, it's not a sin.

She is...

  • Surprising because the  rich of contrasts.
  • Gay, amused, lively, open to contacts and at the same time, secret and reserved.
  • Generous and complet  in his feelings.
  • Involved in his work, rational, knowing how to find the thread of his objectives.
  • Refined in his tastes.
  • Classic, in his values.
  • Relaxed, in his way of life.

She likes...

- More more, reading, political, psycho-socio.

- Even more, his violins d'Ingres, painting and drawing.

- And also: the news, which she regularly follows.

- Not to mention, sports, walking, skiing, swimming.

- With a place for yoga, photography, a museum, a restaurant, a glance at fashion, a movie.

- And another, for the home and a walk in the nature.

What he would be like...

  • An honest man, balanced, generous.
  • A level of higher education.
  • Age: between 47 to 60 years old.

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36yo - Single


- At the first time , she ... is a woman of today, clean, elegant, a bit functional, like business women ... Except, there is this little detail that catches you and takes you.

-Indeed ... at the second beat of there is a look, eyes blue-coral, a blond, a line that we guess and a smile that makes the ice, becomes  as fire.

-So why ? Why not let more of this femininity that does not -dare to say its name?

-Especially that, madam not to say miss:

-At 36,

 - she Is single,

-With a job as commercial manager of a prestigious group.

-And what's more, ready today, for the great adventure of the couple and the family.

-Side studies, it went pretty well, Bac + 7, English, German, and French of course.

-Side "French way of lifeis " rather morning ... though; cigarette no, but animals yes, feline version, cat specimen; religion, -nothing on the questionnaire, so we say NO, waiting for better!

The moment to move on ...

She is...

  • Active, dynamic, involved and offensive. Demanding towards herself and carried by a wind called optimism.
  •  She always wants to do well and neglects nothing.
  • Paradoxical, because, intimate, it's the opposite; unsure of herself, a little shy, secretive and so eager to be tamed.
  • Intelligent, creative, open to knowledge.
  • Selected and refined tastes.
  • In a word, unexpected and surprising.


She likes...

-Classical music before and now.

-The flute, which she plays.

-Fitness, it balances.

-Novels, poetry because, on the reading side, it is rather connected.

-News, politics, a trip, a hotel abroad.

-With, for violin of Ingres: the fashion and the discovery of the distant countries.

-And, in bulk, a museum, a restaurant, a concert, receive friends.

-Selected and refined tastes.

-In a word, unexpected and surprising.

What he would be like...

-A man of experience, patient, listening, solid, stable.

-between 40 and 55 years.

-French or foreign.

-Taking care of him physically.

-Knowing to impose and have authority.

-A man reassuring.

-Higher education level.

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39yo - Single


  • She is one of those people, who gives off an aura, a presence, an artistic that i dont know what it is , that passes on the public.
  • Tall, well-cut, her hair auburn-red, cut in the thirties, underline a deep look by the green of her color.
  • And with that, nice, in a few seconds, the ice is broken.
  • She is in her thirties, coming forward.
  • She is single, after 4 years from life as a couple.
  • She has a liberal profession.
  • Her studies ...

     include a DEA in musicology at the Sorbonne, a          knowledge of English, and German.

      Catholic non-practicing, she does not smoke, loves her job, and certainly all, already, the child she will have with him.

She is...

  • Extroverted at his hours, and more secretive to others.
  • Elegant, quite aesthetic, refined, taking care of the harmony of things and people.
  • Kind and caring.
  • Dreamy, remantic , fairly idealistic and down to earth at the same time, she appreciates the pleasures of life, and reveals herself that she is generous.
  • At its  times, sporty, mobile, improvisational and finally ... organized.

And to others, creative.

She likes...

  • The arts in general.
  • Literature.
  • Lyrical singing (mezzo-soprano).
  • She plays piano, enjoys classical music, jazz, variety, rock and Bossa nova.
  • Running.
  • Cinema, of all kinds.
  • History and politics programs, news.
  • A good dinner, talk to each other.


  • Traveling, cooking, decorating, tinkering and learning.

What he would be like...

  • A deep, caring, dynamic man with a practical mind, sensitive to art, eager to build, with an open mind.
  • Wishing child.
  • French or foreign.
  • A level of education sup, or self-taught.
  • Between 38 and 48 years old.

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Project Manager

49yo - Divorced


  • Sparkling, attractive, full of life, She has this gift of heaven called the natural acceptence; dnd with all that, she is  not superficial.
  • For her , the second pouring at the quarantine  is much more invigorating and promising than the first. As much offering to the one who will go beyond the beautiful appearances.
  • Her job: is "info-com" project manager for a big private organization, fulfilling a public service mission. The result of a training combining rigor and creativity, Sup de Co, CELSA. More recently, the Voltaire certification, at Excellence level. In the chapter languages, English written and spoken, with the British FCE Cambridge obtained in terminal and maintained since, and the Spanish school.
  • On the heart side , her relationship has ended, due to the unreliability of her commun , a  mistake  that has  after years and years   duging one of these gaps  never fill.
  • Born into a professional  and academic family , she has maintained the sense of family and values.  by welcoming the other family   children and  taking care of them.
  • She  is mostly evening than morning, does not smoke and for animal  unfortunately a she is illergic when she  contact  cats and horses.


She is...

  • Enthusiastic, emotional, passionate, able to invest with dedication. Especially optimistic.
  • In love, honest , complet , faithful, impulsive; very much on mutual trust. And today, selective by fear from  being wrong and wasting time.
  • In the everyday, hardworking, demanding, but at the same time, relaxed, refined, with a space of creativity that makes its richness.
  • A woman of conviction and loyalty, righteousness is one of her qualities.

She likes...

  • Everything that relates to personal development and  the feeling of being well balanced.
  • Writing and occasionally, editorial support to the director of a televised magazine of geopolitics.
  • News and politics.
  • The music of   piano . Classical music, of course!
  • Stendhal, Balzac, Tolstoy, Victor Hugo, and other classics, and contemporaries Allessandro Baricco, Leonor de Recondo, Milena Agus and many others.
  • Tennis, dancing, Pilates, swimming, skiing.
  • A garden, a museum, an exhibition, a nice restaurant, themed movies, or a good thriller, a debate on TV. Finally, Italy, Portugal, and the USA.


What he would be like...

  • Between 48 to 58 years old.
  • French or foreign.
  • Having a high level of enthusiasm.
  • Elegant.
  • Loving the activity that he pratiqu .
  • A complicity, a dialogue, a reliability.
  • A faithful  person whom  knows how to combine love and humor.

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Jurist in international company

45yo - Divorced


Everything in her inhales The Woman…

… The slender silhouette, ties, fines, which reveal the Parisian, the smile, warm, a bleu for the eyes, a hair way light brown, in long ondulations limit rebels. Until this elegance, which she conjugates with nature and simplicity.

… That it for the pleasure of the eyes…

… For the rest :

  • Age: Still in the 40s.
  • A career of jurist in an International company, thanks to a 3rd cycle of law.
  • French or catholic… almost at Spring break and Christmas!
  • Non-smoker.
  • Rather of evening than morning.
  • Liking animals.
  • Speaking English (she… not the animals!!).
  • And love in everything ?

15 years of life as a couple.

A recent divorce.

But always the hope pegged in her, to finally reach the happiness, that she merits.

She is...

  • So emotional person and sensitive, so optimistic and positive.
  • So relaxed and sophisticated.
  • As gentle and dynamic, in a friendly attitude.
  • Cheerful and optimist, epicurean and hedonist, a Tempo in the Dolce Vita.
  • Serious in her feelings, as much as in whim in the life.
  • Iconoclastic and curious, in research of discoveries, she dreams to share that with two.

She likes...

  • The sharing and exchanging: the friendship and the relaxed rhythm of life are bases of her life.
  • Child of the Riviera, inconditional of the big blue, and of all the warm seas.
  • Travels : Asia, Italy, Mediterranean sea. She might be journalist without frontiers.
  • Literature, as French, also foreign, arts in general, music: an air of Jazz.
  • Typical and atypical restaurants, more than 3 stars.
  • And in « moderato », swimming and nautic activities, and a little of gym and yoga.

What he would be like...

  • Solid, well in his head, attentionate and conflict-free.
  • With joy of life, positive, tender, gentle, stable, friendly, capable of altruism.
  • Cultivated and sophisticated.
  • Dynamic and curious, desire to live soft, strong and varied moments.  
  • Of her age, arround 50 years old, rather French or European.
  • Liking children and friends.

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Legal director in a big group

47yo - Divorced
Near Paris


  • She… has this brilliant side of natural blondes of fair-skinned, who have sun in the green of their eyes.
  • She… is tall, pretty little thing, rather friendly, not to say very.
  • She is… let say woman in all and for all and happy to be.
  • Her profession : Legal Director.
  • In the private ? divorced.
  • Religion, not follower.
  • Expression, in German, in French, in English.
  • For the everyday life, sometimes morning, sometimes evening, and has she says, « it depends ».
  • Animals, yes, she likes them.
  • Tobacco, it is no at all.
  • About the rest, meet her.

She is...

  • Natural… very, relaxed, a lot…
  • Epicurean, refined, lover of the life and tolerant.
  • Generous, optimistic.
  • Adaptable, in whim and in inspirations, rarely in court of ideas or solutions.

Finally, surprising, because she has her requirements, and the quality in her expectations

She likes...

  • Travelling, hiking, independent touring.
  • Reading, novels mostly.
  • Moving: jogging, golf, dance, and recently the kite-surf!
  • Listening, almost all the musics, with a must for Classic and the music of the world.
  • To be well-balanced, with that, various tastes; theater, nature and walks, concerts, dancing party, decoration and do-it-yourself, restaurant, photography or museum.

What he would be like...

  • From here or moreover, from Europe or of the world.
  • From 43 to 55 years old.
  • Higher education.
  • Of honest character, and reliable.

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59yo - Divorced


  • A painter of the Italian Renaissance, would have liked painting her portrait. That OF A WOMAN, with the asserted face, in the white complexion, raised by a hair-brown copper-colored, in the red reflexion, variables according to the hour of day and the light. A  portrait which would emphasize a smile way Medicis, and the brightness of a color look passion. A portrait in the bare, sober style, in a black set, emphasizing forms, which we guess and which we wish.
  • AT 60 YEARS OLD, this MAGISTRATE of a Senior branch of the civil service, recently divorced, dream about a blended family, of those inclined to form harmonious ties, because all believe in that, and contribute to it.
  • Little practising Catholic, this is a loyal person, who has values, meet her commitments and attach importance to the spirituality.
  • She is cultivated, especially because she is always interested about the studies, in varied domains, of the management in the law, including the psychology and the mathematics. In the languages section, we discover that she speaks English, German, we will find nothing on the tobacco section, remembers on the animals section, a lot of activities in the evening section. For the rest, we are asked to browse the following chapters.

She is...

  • Lot of things, in lots of contrasts. Cheerful, extrovert, optimistic, alive, generous, and serious, and passionate in her choices.
  • But also emotional, fanciful, demanding, as she can be tolerant.
  • Cultivated, intelligent, independant, curious of everything.
  • Brave and loyal.

She likes...

  • The life, people, the world, Asia, South America.
  • Writing, her violon d’Ingres.
  • Meditation.
  • Novels, essays, the French language, the plays on words.
  • Music, especially classic, song, which she practise in a choral, and the piano, she would like to start again.
  • Theater, she practice since four years, after dreaming about it since she was 20.
  • At television, the debates, the politics, or the literary persons, some series.
  • Walking, yoga, dance.

What he would be like...

  • Near 50s, until the beginning of 60s, HE HAS CHILDREN.
  • French, yes, foreigner, why not if francophone ?
  • Asset, good location, cultivated, knowing what he wants, decided, dynamic, enterprising.
  • Tall, funny, brave, honest, communicative, open-minded, with taste for travels, practicality, and sense of direction.


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Jurist in real estate

48yo - Divorced
Between Paris and the province



  • A freshness, that of her smile and the brown-green eyes.
  • A spine, that of a natural brown-haired woman, with long curly hair.
  • A 40s which stretches out, without succeeding in abandoning a capacity to be amazed which makes her charm.
  • A style, really simple, modern actual, without excess.
  • An original course; a High school diploma economy/law, Greek, Latin, English; Faculty of human, linguistic sciences, psychology. An interlude, 2 years of studies of nurse, before…
  • Her catual career, Jurist in the real estate tax system.
  • And what about love in everything ? 16 years of life as a couple, a partner jealous of her merits and successes, and to end, the divorce.
  • But… this catholic of classical values, non-smoker, liking cats, calm joys, quiet enjoyments of the existence, she keep confidence in the life, and in the man whom the destiny will give her. This time, for the best.

She is...

  • Cultivated, curious about all which surrounds her, and very interested in the art.
  • Composed, thoughtful, capable of backward movement on the life.
  • Independent.
  • A morning person.
  • Happy, optimistic… very and extrovert too.
  • Of not much taste for the conflicts, the competition, the tensions.
  • Affectionate, generous, woman of a single man.
  • Authentic, real, sensible and passionate of everything that offers the life.
  • Of curious life, and creative, she is susceptible.
  • And also, operational reservist for the land forces, Sergeant in mounted arms.



She likes...

  • The mountain, the sea, travels for the discovery (USA, Mediterranean Sea).
  • All the joys of life, and peacefull joys.
  • To be for the culture of a healthy spirit in a healthy body.
  • The music fervently, classical, Jazz, Blues, Lounge rock, it is her violon d’Ingres.
  • The piano, of she plays.
  • The reading, where she shows herself eclectic, psychology, human relations, medical magazines, cooking and garden.
  • To do exercise : walk, bike, swimming, watching the Olympic games, follow the figure skating, either the athletics.
  • Arte on television, a travel documentary, an other of medicine, or of scientific subject.
  • A thriller or a comedy at the cinema.
  • Paintings, architecture and why not a little of a do-it-yourself.
  • In the disorder… a second-hand trade… a restaurant… receiving friends and especially to bloom in the life.
  • A place for the peace and the tranquillity.

What he would be like...

  • Until the little 60s.
  • French, European, or Swiss.
  • Without young children.
  • Loyal heart and generous, loving to protect the other one.
  • Capable of making a commitment in a relation, and to live with two.
  • And if he live in the south of France, more better.


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47yo - Divorced
Near Paris


  • A je-ne-sais-quoi of intensely feminine: charm, attraction and stalk of mystery. Black dress, adjusted underlining hair of a heady blond, which… on the shoulder, open themselves as the surf of waves. Green eyes, which observe you and it’s done; it is difficult to situate the lady, so much spend contrasted messages!
  • At the chapter 1, 47 years old, that we would not give to her (she looks younger).
  • At chapter n°2, liberal profession, orthodontist. Diploma CECSMO.
  • A marriage, then a divorce. The day where she definitely persuade herself that finally, it wasn’t the right person.
  • For the chapter current life and various, we will read, non-smoker, morning or evening, rather the 2, and on the religion side, agnostic. With the mention : « like the children ».


She is...

  • Contrasted, feet on ground, realistic, capable of a sudden of necklace, generous and large in her conceptions of life, in waiting of attentions and protection on the affective side.
  • So relaxed and carefree, as she can be ambitious and avid for gratitude.
  • An emotional person, but not of to alter her optimism.
  • Sociable, but taking time to feel things.
  • Epicurean, sensory, but also intelligent and pragmatic.


She likes...

  • Jazz, classical music, and piano of she plays.
  • Travelling, walking, swimming.
  • Current events, politics.
  • French litterature.
  • Nature, walks.


What he would be like...

  • Sensible, attentionate, generous.
  • Cultivated and funny, joy of life.
  • Strong, feet on ground.
  • Non-smoker.
  • Between 45 to 52 years old.


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Director of Organisation of a major company

59yo - Divorced


  • Tristan Bernard could say… « Every woman as… something… and this something is different of that of the other women… ».
  • Right. There is the romantics, the pasionaria, the unsuspicious, the pretty, the learned women, the femmes fatales or either « women-child », the cold beauties, way Scandinavians and then the « smiling », « nature », in the contagious gaiety, which know how to pass on the sun of the life.
  • It is her case.
  • Blonde curls,
  • Smart and relaxed style,
  • Slender silhouette,
  • A 50s which lengthens in the same way, without altering anything of a touch of humor which goes to her so well. We know that she is a director in a big company, and divorced after 20 years of marriage life, a divorce without shouts nor gratings of tooth, nothing which can inspire “Italian-style divorce”, rather friends who say themselves bye bye.
  • Not bad of the business card side, Ecole Polytechnique… Language known, English.
  • And with a very narrow view, morning, non-smoker, nothing striking on the religion, the rest being to follow.


She is...

  • In the reserve, because she waits to see who is whom and who makes what.
  • In the discovery of human contacts, in the part of verbal sparring matches, humor.
  • In the harmony, more than in the conflict.
  • In the not conformity, what does not mean without requirement.
  • She is in the sophisticated and not in the common.
  • In the emotional, either in the rational.
  • And always optimistic.


She likes...

  • The countries of the North. The journeys and why not a hut in Canada.
  • Her home.
  • The current events, politics.
  • And the must, the psychology, the sociology, reading mystery novels in English. Watching Series in English.
  • About music, Classical. When she was younger, she played the piano, and according to the time, much less!
  • Swimming, walking, go to a second-hand trade, a play, a museum.

What he would be like...

  • He is generous, honest, tolerant, open-minded, loyal, non-smoker, dynamic, liking laughing.
  • He is French, of Parisian region or somewhere else.
  • He has from 58 to 65 years old.

Reference : 300VDCMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Liberal profession

46yo - Divorced


  • Fairies do not only exist on stories, in the area of an old castle, in border of a lake, or in border of forest haloed with fog… It happens that they are here, without you knowing it.
  • Our fairy of today has an air silhouette, of fine ties, long hair in the copper-colored reflections, green eyes, on almond, a smile of young lady, and an I do not know what of romantic, which recovers her image of a certain mystery.
  • Born in Russia, there is 46 springs, she does not look like at all the classic stereotypes of the east girls. Instead, there is in her, an energy, something of tonic and Parisian, in the qualitative sense of the world.
  • Graduate studies, which lead in a diploma in the health domain, then in the exercise of her profession.
  • And then, there is the sentimental chapter. With, after 9 years of life as a couple, a divorce. No way however to stay on a failure. Instead, this orthodox not follower, and non-smoker, believe in the existence of a harmony between a man and a woman. A to believe, it’s to be able to.


She is...

  • Emotional, impressionable, young, and to say all, feminine. With a big F, as fantasy.
  • Imaginative, creative, sophisticated, and to say all, woman of taste, with a big G.
  • Generous, sentimental, looking for security and protection, and especially, with a big S.
  • Of constructive mind, capable of bouncing after the storm and of preserving a cap of requirement, with a big E.

She likes...

  • Fashion, decoration, by esthetic sense.
  • The mountains, walks by the love of nature.
  • Flowers and animals, because they are also the life.
  • Cooking, because it is good and it’s great.
  • Pilates, because to do a little sport, that boosts the body and the mind.
  • Arts in general, painting, architecture, theater, because they enrich the body and the spirit.
  • Travels, because they helps us to stay young.
  • Friends that we receive, a restaurant, where we go, and the home where we live.


What he would be like...

  • The three « S » as stable, serious, solid.
  • An optimistic man, wishing to construct a life for two.
  • Dynamic, rather sportive.
  • Taste, presentation.
  • French or European.
  • From 48 to 60 years old.

Reference : 300OSMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Director in the tourism sector

52yo - Divorced
Between Paris and abroad


And if with her… we had all ?

  • A golden beach of the Caribbean,
  • The fresh breath of the Trade wind,
  • The peps of a James Bond girl,
  • The swaying silhouette of a half-blood.
  • A Parisian elegance…
  • A touch of class in the way she communicates.

The moment to go to the following page.

  • She is director in an important tourism organization,
  • She starts a 50s which shows ten left,
  • And believes that the divorce is not a fatality, but that he opens the doors of a plus which will be faster an improvement.
  • Her program: legal (deug), then TOEFL, and to end, a European certificate of business school.
  • On the education side, it is not bad either… so much by the quality of the family environment that by the transmitted classic values. We can add that she is catholic but… she admits, not really practising.
  • Non smoker, early morning, liking animals, she put away her previous life as a couple, in the beam of the experiences; of those whom we use to bounce as a sunrise on the quite close ocean.

She is...

  • Cheerful, welcoming, full of life, easily bright and cool, and at the same time, delicate and reserved.
  • Energetic, active, adaptable, made for challenges.
  • Of generous feelings, serious, accommodating, looking for the harmony.
  • An artistic sense, a strength, a fragility and human values.


She likes...

  • Decoration, fashion.
  • To receive, as travelling in Europe or in the USA.
  • The blues, the French variety, a concert.
  • A restaurant.
  • A movie.
  • Being active, to walk.
  • The readings of personal development, and interior design.
  • Be interested in the politics, in the arts and in her living environment.

What he would be like...

  • He would be French, European, or foreigner, rather catholic.
  • From 50 to 60 years old.
  • A charm, of delicacy.
  • Of the opening of heart, honest, frank, respectful of the other one.

Reference : 300ICHMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Banking senior manager

56yo - Divorced


  • A happy 50s, smiling; the plentiful hair, a tonic silhouette and well-kept, the soft and collusive look, but which also let to come the energy of a woman who known to stay positive in her way of life.
  • She is a banking senior manager.
  • And divorced.
  • Her style, a mixing of simplicity and taste, a touch of modernity, and this « I don’t know what » who do the Parisian well-educated. But who doesn’t show.
  • A marriage, a long couple life. And then a day, the observation that the wavelength changed, but that there is the time and the assets to live another beautiful story, of those which are the block of the life.
  • Before everything, there was the studies, higher education of course, with the conquest of a Post-graduate diploma in finances accompanied with robust bases in English.
  • About details which complete his character, we can read Catholic not follower, among 3 cigarettes per day and zero, with a preference for the zero. Rather of the evening instead of fan of the early morning, and without any tendency for animals.

She is...

  • Smiling,
  • Optimistic,
  • Tonic,
  • Positive, rational,
  • A little sudden sometimes, what hides a warm nature, generous and loyal,
  • Enemy of the routines and enthusiast of this little fantasy who enhance the life.


She likes...

  • Skiing, tennis,
  • The photo,
  • The do-it-yourself, the decoration,
  • Novels, biographies,
  • Current events, the information,
  • Receiving friends,
  • To come in a restaurant,
  • And particularly… particularly… travels, all or… above all. And the same thing for the walks.


What he would be like...

  • In the 52 to 62 years old.
  • French.
  • A man with a generous heart.
  • Loving.
  • Of honest and right spirit.
  • And of way of life, dynamic.

Reference : 300ETMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Director in the cosmetic sector

41yo - Divorced
Between Paris and abroad


  • My first one is a fringe of fair hair which hides almost a sweet little face from the green and cheerful look.
  • My second is a tonic smile and bewitching as an air of Czardas.
  • My third is an Epicurean's mouth which conjugates joy of life and generous heart.
  • My all is female in the pleasant forms with an elegant and bare style which betrays some capital of the center of Europe.
  • She is 41 years old, Director of a big brand of the cosmetic sector.
  • Before, she was married, now she is not anymore; both were lacking experience for the real life as a couple. And there was no child.
  • She benefited from a well-made family circle, father doctor, catholic religion.
  • The studies? A Fourth-year university level, a gastronomy hotel business, then a Master's degree of the ESSCA. With that, madam looks polyglot with a language for each of 7 days of the week: English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech.
  • In the question animals, she answers, oh yes. For the children, si señor. For Tobacco, Nein Nein.


She is...

  • Comfortable in the contacts, relaxed in her personal life as dynamic in her job. Optimistic, generous; at the same time conventional and fanciful.
  • Simple, without way, but in reality demanding, made for the responsibilities.
  • Of rational and creative spirit.
  • Of heart... warm.
  • Of tastes... sophisticated.
  • Dynamics, likes the varied activities.
  • Acute in all that she undertakes, directed to the results, always looks for the solutions.
  • A good listener and turned to the others.


She likes...

  • Sports, ski, swimming, the wakeboard in summer, wind-surfing, running, riding.
  • The gastronomy to appreciate and the cooking to make it.
  • The little surprises of every-day life.
  • The festivals of music, pop, opera.
  • Without forgetting the theater and the type of Broadway's musicals.
  • To read of the works on the various types of personality, type psychology.
  • To potter about at home and see a movie in the city, rather a movie of intrigue.
  • And rather on the « do-it ».
  • The fashion, we guessed it, and the decoration, that often goes with. Moreover, she likes very much all which touches the internal design.
  • And for the journeys, by car; because we can stop to see a place, people, a lifestyle.


What he would be like...

  • French or foreigner.
  • From 38 to 50 years old.
  • Generous, optimistic, emotionally stable and constructive.
  • A man who admires her femininity and puts forward it.
  • Rather sports, welcoming to the other and open-minded.

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Senior Official

35yo - Single


  • If you like the women whom it is necessary to discover, of those who seduce you when you learn to tame them. If you like the discreet women with a stalk of shyness by way of lily of the valley, but which will surprise you with the audacious freshness, then read the continuation and get ready.
  • 36 years old,
  • Single,
  • Early riser,
  • Non-smoker.
  • Senior Official.
  • A program of higher education of private law (Master's degree II). Languages: German, English (school), French.
  • Her style: simple, natural, fresh; a zest of childhood, a sweet little face, and eyes which smile.
  • And what else ? Catholic, but for the practice, occasionally, 1m65, 63 kg, brown hair. A university father, an also awarded diploma mother, and especially classic educational values. A tendency for cats.
  • As for the side heart, romance and serials; it is: nothing determining up to here looking forward to big love, the one that she is going to live, at the moment her fate will have chosen and who, as her, will wish to have children.


She is...

A priori modest, discreet, reserved, taking time to know who makes who or which. Later we notice that behind this simple nature, there is a laughter, a good mood, a whim, ideas, reflection, of the perseverance and the sense of service. To discover then qualities of heart and by way of still water, a sacred dynamism! Loyalty and faithfulness are both udders of her capital heart.


She likes...

  • Quote Oscar Wilde "I have the simplest tastes of the world… I content myself with the best!!".
  • She adores her house, her job, to tinker (model making, knitting, embroidery).
  • Police novels, of adventure, love novels and BD.
  • Classical music.
  • The walks in bike, the wilderness camping, but knows also how to appreciate a place like luxurious hotel, luxury hotel and the Scotland, Switzerland, Austria.
  • The pistol shooting, the archery, the canoe, the rowing, to swim, to ride.
  • And the series on the TV (NCIS).


What he would be like...

  • He will have style, and not bald.
  • French or foreign, crossed included.
  • Age group 30-40 years old. Single.
  • Non-smoker.
  • And of dynamic, brave, faithful, thoughtful, loyal, curious, kind character.
  • With a good level of higher education.


Reference : 300LOMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Director of establishment of health

45yo - Single


  • Director of establishment of health. 45 years old. Single without children. West Indian. Relaxed. Warm.
  • Pleasant smile, she embodies joy of life, simplicity, good mood and conviviality.
  • After a D.E.S.S "Establishment of health", her taste to bring to the others manages her towards the hospitable career. With success because she is today managing director.
  • Catholic not follower, English speaking, non-smoker, she feels today convinced that it is not more lacking than a stable and deep relation where her natural altruism will find its balance.


She is...

  • Frank and loyal.
  • Generous in her relations, that she wants of quality and enriching.
  • Curious, she likes to discover new places and flavors in report.
  • Attracted by what is beautiful, refined and outstanding.
  • Emotional person, serious in her feelings, well-balanced, she looks reserved when she doesn’t know, but more familiar in the intimacy.
  • In front of the obstacle, rational, moderate, observer, avid to lead her boat with feet on ground.


She likes...

In good eclectic, lots of things.

  • First of all, the oil painting, her hobby.
  • Her home, the modern art with a taste for the styling, without forgotten when she travels, a tendency for the luxury hotel business.
  • Music programs, historical, with a place for fashion.
  • Police novels, biographies make the current of her readings.
  • On the sports side, it is jogging, tennis, of what balance is taste for gastronomy.
  • Dance, receiving friends, listening music, modern, rhythm and Blues French varieties. And at the cinema, a thriller, science-fiction, adventure...

What he would be like...

  • French or European.
  • Rather Catholic.
  • From Higher Education.
  • From 40 to 55 years old.
  • And of franc, sincere, generous, open and tolerant character.
  • An enterprising man, ready to travel regularly and which will have had in his life a healthy ambition.
  • In the physical appearance, a well-kept man knowing how to take care of him.

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45yo - Divorced


Beautiful panther. 45. Divorced. We would  see her  picture on  cd of course  - soul music - label Tamla Motown or better yet, cover for fashion magazine as her pep 's radiates joy of life. Why not , because she is indeed a businesswoman as she should be  , for her company, a prestigious address in the heart of Paris.


A closer look delivers  to her some details, a very Parisian taste together navy blue sweater-pants and leather boots rising. Ebony complexion, long brown hair with cheery eyes, as if a childhood  continued to live there.


After the baccalaureate, she decided to make her way in life with her qualities, her  desire to succeed, the sense of reality and a few grams of ambition. we must belieave that on this side, the program has been respected.

Loves may not have been in the same boat! But mostly  to that in the present times;  in a search ; a life of a couple  to follow, the observation that what gathered the day before is no longer there the next day. The important thing is to know how to separate, which was done.


Remain the small questionnaire of details:


  • in shape in the morning,
  • for animals not realy her biggest fan ,
  • And for tobacco, not at all addicted.

She is...

Extrovert, very pleasant in human contacts, optimistic and positive. As well as adaptable.

Refined, knowing to be to his advantage, exigent to the quality of things.

At once rational and instinctive, she doesn't miss neither creativity nor appropriateness.

She knows how to bring a grain of fantasy, knowing where she stands when she  takes  important decisions.

She likes...

  • The happiness of being with the man of her life with  his ingres  violin .
  • Her  rhymes with happiness.
  • to travel for everything with it .
  • Theater, cinema, TV.
  • Nature and hiking.
  • Receiving friends  at home.
  • A museum, a restaurant.


What he would be like...

  • She wants him befor anything to be French or European.
  • between  40 to 60 years old.
  • And  has o serious character, faithful, honest.


Reference : 300BKMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Radiologist doctor

38yo - Divorced


  • She is of these women in the sympathy and in the attraction so natural as we would not believe a single second that it can arrive at them some incredible story.
  • At 38 years old, this girl of historian and African geographer, practising as doctor liberal radiologist goes a day counts that she married a falling star, an Airbus 390, one crosses wall, in brief king of drafts! Always in planes, living for reason of career, another country even a continent. This has proven 10 years of life as a couple on the paper, in reality 18 months at the most, at actual time. Rather shocking when we are fed by western culture, a morning of parisianism and besides Christian even practising!
  • Then the decision is taken, it is divorce and divorce and place in the natural assets of the lady: Child's quite simple and natural face, style which hides a touch of research, a silhouette which turns attractive and an expression of look haloed with a total whim. For the rest, do not smoke, nor possesses to animals any tendency.


She is...

  • Very open to the others, optimistic and available on the life; but reserved before opening as soon as she knows a little more.
  • Relaxed, liking taking her time, capable of improvising, of going out of the frame with over the shoulder a feature of curiosity.
  • Full of freshness in her feelings, clear and honest, awaiting tenderness and ready to give it.
  • Of pragmatic, cultivated spirit using so much logic as intuition. With, what surprises a requirement to oneself and the image which she wants to give.


She likes...

  • Her work.
  • Her inside, her house.
  • But also the journeys and the politics.
  • The theater and the cinema.
  • The architecture and the museums.
  • Restaurants and walks.
  • In reading, a little everything, real eclectic, and the same thing for the music.
  • Concerning sport, it is football, rugby, tennis, but as supporter. A little of gym for the physical shape all the same it is necessary!


What he would be like...

  • French or foreigner.
  • From 38 to 52 years old.
  • Rather a Christian, but if he is an atheist she will not convert him.
  • A tolerant, stable, patient, pragmatic man.
  • Non smoker.


Reference : 300HAMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Senior Executive banking

30yo - Single


  • she  could be a princess of modern times, blonde, distinguished, smiling, .
  • is 30 years old just worn with a discreet chic that hides a little something I do not know what attractive, to consider her black dress just with some pearls. With that, blue-green eyes in the Venetian style. For lack of a "Doge" that suits her,
  •  she is single an education with classic lines without ostentation or rigidity.
  • She is a senior executive in the bank with many career hopes after Sciences Po Paris and a master's degree from the London School of Economics, speaking in addition to English and German, with notions of Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.
  • She comes from a Catholic background; Catholics themselves, we feel it squarely on the side of values and as far as nicotine is concerned, non-smoking.

She is...

  • Like a heroine of Arsène Lupine "Woman with two faces", the adventurous side and less. Sometimes still water, sometimes woman of character with ideas well in place.
  • Sociable and reserved, rational and emotional, determined, punctilious and demanding, but not always at ease with herself, sometimes in doubt, but the next day her courage pulls her up.
  • In love, complet and faithful.
  • And in life, down to earth, epicurean, neat, refined.

She likes...

  • Asia, China, Japan because the Silk Road tickles the neurons stamped travels. As for Europe, it is yes just as much.
  • She loves it more than travel stories, foreign and contemporary novels, a film that allows you to escape. The jog that allows you to do it running and not far from home! And as for the deco, where we escape in color.
  • Politics and current events for the present, and a museum for what was ... before.
  • A restaurant, because it likes when it's good and the taste buds want more.
  • Playing the piano because the music whispers in her ear whether it be classical or today's varieties.
  • Her profession because she just loves it and in the morning because she feels good.


What he would be like...

  •  French or European.
    • between 30 years up to 40, wanting a child,
    •  and single .
    • A loyal, honest and courageous, flexible and open has  cultivated spirit, loving dialogue and complicity.


Reference : 300MHMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Business Manager

57yo - Divorced



* The silhouette is thin,  slender ...

* The shapes ... feminine and  proportionate ...

* Style, chic, up-to-date, casual.

* The face, full, harmonious, with as Sagan would say "a certain smile".

* A cascade of hair with brown highlights, worn disorder studied.

* Perfectly shaped and plumper lips...

* No doubt ... the fairies have one day leaned on the cradle of a woman, blooming, well in the brilliance of a 50aine who does not say his name.

Today divorced.

And still a company manager.

* We want to open the little book of his life.

Birth in a good environment.

Catholic little practitioner.

Happy childhood.


Engineering studies stamped ENSIIE.

Career at the head of his business project.

A marriage, 20 years of life of a couple ...

And then, this feeling of not being loved, which leads to a balance of courage.

With a door that opens to a brighter future named ... feeling.

She is...

Active, lively, happy, open but ...

* ... more talkative than extroverted!

* Born with a sense of humor ...

* Curious, creative, and ... organized, at the same time liberal, social and dedicated ...

* In acts, determined and voluntary ...

* Neat, knowing how to take care of his image.

* Neither snobbish nor stressed

She likes...


- News, history, politics, essays and novels, but nothing that is science fiction or police.

- Ditto for the cinema, no violent film.

- Classical dance, skiing, climbing, gym.

- The theater, receive, architecture, museums.

- And ... above all that, she is a fan of gastronomy and auto rally ...

What he would be like...

* Young of pace and spirit.

* French, European, foreign, why not?

* A higher level of education

* A being upright, simple, courageous, respectful.

* And even better, if he has humor, open-mindedness and sensuality.

Reference : 300IPMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Consulting Senior Executive

57yo - Widow



- she could be summed up in a charade, my first is a look, my second is a smile ... my whole breathes balance, kindness and simplicity. But that's not enough.

We could add Lapis-Lazuli blue eyes and some earthy something ... which gives her 50-year-old, an attractive as well as sympathetic slope.

  • And then, surprise ... we discover INGENIEUR chemist then, at the head of an organization of consulting and computer expertise. On the language side, Madame is fluent in English.
  • Very often, the career ... they say ... do not go with the big blue feelings ... well no. For her took widowhood to darken the sky. Except that it is made of a wood that is not twig, but wood that turns green after the lightning has fallen. So, for anyone who wants to put his footsteps in his, he must know that MADAME is a non-smoking, practicing Catholic, that she loves animals.

She is...

-Extroverted, optimistic, generous, and attentive to others, with a sense of proportion.

- Knowing how to advance against all odds, stable like the oak, and conciliatory like the reed!

- With contrasts that make her charm, pragmatic and romantic, intellectual and handy, simple and refined, demanding and tolerant, city and "corner of fire".


She likes...

  • Classical music but also jazz, rock, ...
  • She is a fan of lyric singing, and she practices it.
  • Organize your trips to better discover the cultures.
  • Walking, doing the gym, and the opposite ... doing the gym and walking.
  • Complain that she does not have enough time to read !!
  • DIY, fashion, going to dance, concerts, theater, a little film, and a good restaurant.
  •  to Grow your garden, too ...

What he would be like...

*From 54 years old, until the sixties.


*A higher level of education

*A caring man, open minded, balanced, tolerant, honest, honest, loving life.


Reference : 300ATMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Financial Senior Executive

43yo - Single


  • She approaches the fourty  under the sign of a discreet and refined elegance. And a femininity between classicism and romanticism.
  • Timeless, we could meet her in a literary salon late nineteenth or in a TV series up to date, public relations of an international banking consortium.
  • In real life, she is a pretty brunette with fine features, brown-green eyes, a proportionate, not to say attractive, silhouette.
  • She manages the wealth management of a major financial institution.
  • She is single and childless, non-practicing Catholic and non-smoking.
  • With graduate studies that resulted in two Masters. One in control-finance, the other in wealth management. Language known and practiced, English.
  • Her sentimental life is that of a woman who believes in true love and the quality of a meeting. Thus, there were years of couple life before the disappointment, like many couples today. Without renouncing to believe "that there exists on earth a being who looks like you and who somewhere ...".

She is...

  • Sentimental and thoughtful.
  • Active and rational.
  • City and nature girl .
  • Sociable and independent.
  • Woman of moral and human principles, straight and loyal.
  • With high and generous life designs.
  • And constant and faithful feelings.

She likes...

The big cities with the rich historical past, the reports and emissions on the European cities and being able to stay and live in contact with the city life and the nature.

The comedies in the cinema.

Psychology and sociology, biographies in reading.

Jazz, Classical or varieties for music.

The aquatic element.

His home.

Golf, brisk walking, for sport.

What he would be like...

  • An optimistic man, with a great openness, inspiring confidence.
  • Loyal in character and faithful in love.
  • French or European.
  • between 45 to 60 years old.

Reference : 300RVMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Chief Executive Officer

50yo - Divorced


  • Blond hair, a fair complexion, the deep look of her blue eyes, shapely legs, and a size of girl so well preserved that one would like,  will be at 50 soon, to invite her for a first ball. Followed by many others and we would not be wrong.
  • In a word ... feminine so that it is hard to believe that she is General Manager in an industrial group. And yet her business card shows, Sup de Co, an MBA and a formation of company director.
  • If the career path borders on excellence, that of the heart has experienced storms to the extent of the hopes that have been hers  and, we guess, disappointed.
  •  The fault of the affinities that have failed, and the fidelity of the partner; in a word, the fault of bad luck. It exists.
  • To know more ... it is only necessary to ask. Catholic non-practicing, non-smoking, loving animals but not in apartment, and has the morning as the evening.

She is...

-Feminine ... very Reserved, a little secret but knowing how to open as soon as she feels confident.

-Thoughtful and serious, even determined in the choices she sets.

-Behind  her style that is both casual and chic, hides refined tastes, which in no way alter the naturalness of her  personality.

-In her feelings, deep and complete; we soon discover a great need for affection.

-She also knows how to be conformist as well as creative.

She likes...

  • The sailing she practices.
  • The sea "we see dancing along clear gulfs" as the song says.
  • Skiing too.
  • Travel regardless of the country.
  • To immerse yourself in a novel, or in the cultural press, or in the economic journals.
  • With a glance on fashion, a look at the decor.
  • An auteur film more  than the general public.
  • A intellectual broadcast.
  • Music and concerts
  • And if you wish sir, a restaurant to get to know her better.

What he would be like...

  • A Frenchman .
  • In the  age between 47 to 53 years preferably.
  •  has Graduate studies of course.
  • And especially a being able to communicate in couple, open, tolerant, tender, integrity and right.
  • Best of all, if he loves the sea and sailing ...

Reference : 300CLMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Commissaire aux comptes

48yo - Single


she  ... is not in the stereotypes.

-She ... does not do standards.

-She ... has nothing to do with the frilly freaks of the 1st magazine page.

No ... she is well on her trip; nature, with a discreet chic, a sober and uncluttered style of dress, befitting herd 79 cm,blond, has  green meadow eyes, as her  tonic silhouette.

  • THE LADY is in her early fifties. So, guess the exact number! easy no? All this to tell you that you have to guess right because, as far as she  is concerned, the numbers ... she knows ...
  • She knows because she is ... ACCOUNT AUDITOR, after a course in business school, followed by accounting expertise. In terms of languages, enough English to go in the tunnel aboard the Shuttle direction London!

If she wanted to put  a CV we would read:

  • Born into a family of good social level, values and everything and everything!
  • Catholic yes, but mostly episodic.
  • No inclination for tobacco or aquatic sprays.
  • No experience with pets.
  • Morning arrangements, yes, which does not mean that she is, in the evening, nightcap and candle.

For the rest, please see the paragraph "She likes ...".

Without forgetting the essential,  that she became single again after years of life as a couple. All because she realized that the rails of life together, unlike those of the SNCF, eventually diverge. The moment to finally consider the good aiguillags

She is...

She likes...

  • Her work.
  • Teater.
  • Travel.
  • And has for violin of Ingres, the confection.
  • From time to time, immerse himself in a magazine, feminine, or fashion, decoration, or tinkering. A novel on the occasion.
  • Quite regularly, the news, a museum, a restaurant, receive friends.
  • Not to forget , skiing and cycling.
  •  TV; on the other hand a little classical and modern music, it relaxes.

What he would be like...

  • mr gone be  Francophone.
  • Envisaged in the 48 to 53 years.
  • Abroad? why not !
  • Of a good social level.
  • A man honest, loyal, reliable.
  •  big in size.

Reference : 300NCMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Director of Group IT systems

60yo - Divorced
Near Paris


  • "The woman with two faces", title of a novel which Arsène Lupine is the hero, could suit her Unless she is "the oak and the reed" of the good Monsieur de la Fontaine, so soft and tender expression of her features is accompanied by a voluntary chin well anchored in reality.
  • ON THE THIRD of sixty, this pretty blonde with blue-green eyes, is, in the city, director of Group Information Systems.
  • her STYLE between chic and casual, between classic and modern.
  • Her WAY OF LIFE? in spite of the glitches, the trials and the blows of firedamp, and also the successes, she never left her indifference nor her seriousness, her fantasy nor her reliability.
  • DIVORCEE, for some years she feels physical and moral, young, able to conjugate the word love by inventing a couple to the extent of each.

Except that  ...

  • studies side , not bad, higher education Bac +5 scientists with a surplus M.B.A.
  • Living languages, fluent English, basic Spanish.
  • religion  side... she is"without".
  • Tobacco side ... nothing either ...
  • Side ... the rest to know ... she is with the beautiful that it will be good to ask.

She is...

  • A little variable geometry: active, realistic, concrete, hardworking, decided and sensitive, dreamy, creative, paradoxical, affectionate.
  • But always optimistic, very often in a good mood and never bad.
  • Deliciously epicurean.
  • As fanciful as able to hold the bar in case of storm.
  • Reliable and loyal, we can count on her.

She likes...

  • Gastronomy, cooking, go ... it's his violin d'Ingres.
  • Astrology, genealogy, like ... like ...
  • Literary programs, Anglo-Saxon novels. We would have sworn!
  • Cycling and ... even better aquabiking! walking, dancing, kayaking, not forgetting the bike. Hat's Off !
  • Listening to Jazz, but also Rock, the classic without forgetting the world music. It reassures!
  • To tinker, to hunt , to enter a cinema to see a film of art and test or an intimate comedy, to finish a good restaurant, or, according to the air of the time to invite friends, to see a museum of contemporary art, escape on a trip, look at Arte and what do I know! she is eclectic, that's for sure!

What he would be like...

-Aged 56 to 63 years, French or European.

-Having done graduate studies.

- he will be a man with atypical background or history, able to understand the course and history of each.

-Having convictions, courage, and also indulgence.

-A reliable character, open to fantasy and able to express his feelings.

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35yo - Single
Between Paris and abroad


Woman to the end of the nails ... with a beautiful oval face, long hair in shades of brown-red, a slender waist, a slender figure and a special way of romantic .

She is just 35 years old, she is single, she is a brand manager.

For the little story, all that is international interests him, thanks to his personal culture and his family context.

She is not tobacco, Rather morning than evening, Enough "animals", Ready to have a child, And is indifferent to issues of politics and religion.

She is...


 Responsive, listening.

 Extrovert but with measure so as to preserve his personal garden.

 Thoughtful, taking the time to weigh things.

 Honest, respectful of everyone's values.

 Able to include with discipline and respect in the framework that is proposed to him, with loyalty.

 Eager for security.

 And surprising by its fancy beaches.

She likes...

The Arts (paintings, architecture, concerts, theater, she also tries the piano).

 Flea markets.


 The restaurants.

 A walk in the nature, walk or see a movie.

 The story, read, watch stories or a show.

 His house, his home, with in way of hobby, riding and design.

 As for travel it's ok. Agree for Europe or America with a little extra for circuits.

What he would be like...

  • He is French or European, maybe even American.
  •  Single or divorced.
  •  Without children.
  • He did graduate school.
  •  He is honest, he has a good heart.
  • Knowing how to be fun

Being a volunteer will be part of his qualities

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Director of an association

58yo - Divorced
Near Paris


Scarf tied carelessly around the neck, short and comfortable dress in warm autumn tones, suede boots revealing the curve of the leg, we feel that she is  a classy woman, more BCBG mode that passes. Her  direct smile, her tawny hair, the green of the eyes give her 50 a vivifying air


  • Just yesterday, it was the Bac, a middle class, Catholic, good schools and diplomas out of the common, enough to become responsible and director of an association.
  • After that was the marriage; the husband we follow abroad and the career that makes a break, column stand-by. Then, very quickly, a desire to be and to do ,  different volunteering.


  • Until the time becomes empty: heavy incompatibilities of character and behavior, the husband who dodges, it is then the time of "courage, I resurface", followed by the opportunities it will seize. And above all ... especially the desire to recreate something strong on real common values. With, for the future, a heart to win and above all to respect.

She is...

  • Mid city - mid campaign.
  • Non-smoke
  • Fine tastes.
  • Morning in summer, marmot in winter.
  • Characteristic, optimistic, dynamic, , and independent; generous and serious in affections; advised and cautious in decisions; creative spirit, accessible to humor. Woman of initiatives and communication. Finally, elegance, self-care, and taste complete his character attached to traditional values.


She likes...


  • A bit of everything, more than a violin of Ingres. Passion.
  • These include:
  • Travel, China, Africa and America, and as a bonus a cultural or sports weekend.
  •  also her house.
  • A bridge, a moment at the pool, a yoga session, a bike ride, skiing, getting back to golf and why not ride on horseback.
  • The cinema, a historical film or adventures, provided that it is not violent.
  • Do not forget his very very old labrador.
  • Read, biographies, culture, foreign, adventure novels.
  • Listening to classical, opera, jazz, and French singers.

What he would be like...

  • HIS calendar goes from 55 to 65 years old, with a desired average age of 60 years.
  • Same culture and similar medium. Christian preferably.
  • French or European.
  • A strong, honest, hardworking, stable, healthy character.  flexible,  positive, Attentive in love, but not invasive. And befor all ... open and welcoming.
  • Knowing how to integrate into each other's family.

Reference : 300NBMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Fashion designer

35yo - Single


  • Young woman, 35 years old. Fashion designer, business leader. Single has no  children.
  • we  would imagine her... sophisticated, artificial, perhaps primed, feminine mincing, and submerged to the navel in the macrocosm of Paris!
  • None of this ... and more than that. Indeed, she has something ... feminine certainly yes, but after all magnetic. she captures you ... the look, the body and the soul. A real direct plexus unchecked by a medium weight, on channel plus!

For selfie lovers:

  • Madonna traits.
  • Long brown hair.
  • In a tight bodice and straight skirt she is passionate, until her smile dissipates the energy of the character to make way for the love of life.
  • In addition, she has a story, a real one, like in a novel, with:
  • The village where one is born.
  • The talent that points, like Mozart, when she is still a child, a stroke of the pen and her alter ego, the glance.
  • The departure "To the city", the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Applied Arts, diplomas. And then ... in search of fashion, tribulations, countries, capitals and Paris where before the success, she will have been a real "Rastignac" in petticoat. Normal when speaking French, Italian, English in addition to German.
  • We did not told you yet, or so little.
  • But  she is single, she knows how to live as a couple and would be happy to have a child.
  • She is a non-practicing Catholic.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Love her dog, and for the rest, hurry to meet her ... because she is worth it.

She is...

 -Frank, genuine, direct, determined, courageous.

-Talented, creative, catchy.

-Enterprising, deep, passionate, original. Surprising, by her -impulses of sensitivity, complicity, and generosity.

-Not to forget the epicurean that is revealed when you do not expect it.

She likes...

  • Like a country where music will always remain empress, she likes classical, opera, jazz, pop, hip hop ...
  • She is connected read novels, history, biographies, thrillers.
  • And also trips, all, anywhere.
  • Of course the arts, fashion, decoration, photo.
  • And for fun: Pilates, cycling, swimming. Especially since she did a lot of classical dance, but of course cooking, laughter, the simple pleasures of life.
  • The small screen ? since they're big now, it's good for documentaries and cool moments at home.
  • She has not told you yet about her violins d'Ingres ... so keep this for you, it's reading and restaurant and vice versa!.

What he would be like...

  • A French ? Yes.
  • An Anglo Saxon? yes, twice.
  • Another region? Yes why not !
  • Especially a sensitive, solid, faithful, loyal, curious of life. With personality and dynamism.



Reference : 300MBMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


IT Engineer

44yo - Single
Near Paris


  • She is one of those women who have joy in their eyes, and contagious gaiety.
  •  A passport for a daily optimistic and available. Not so common as this time!
  • At 44, single again, without children, she feels ready for the great sentimental journey in the long run, on deep, buoyant and soothing waters.
  • She is in the civil engineering computer for a major financial institution. His studies ? Engineering first where she gets a doctorate and then a training in computer science that will excite her and lead to her current career. In total Bac + 8.
  • His style, pulpy, natural, while smiling with, as a bonus, a clear look, dull complexion, green-lagoon eyes and a childish nose. The hair is brown, emphasizing the casual look with a discreet chic that beats the measure.
  • She is Catholic, but, she says, for the practice, one does in the casual.
  • As for modus vivendi, she is pretty in the morning, does not smoke, does not have animals even if she likes them.
  • Conventions ? yes, of course, they come from her education, but she lives them with demarcation and flexibility. His motto is to simplify what is complicated.

She is...

  • Nature, authentic, optimistic, cheerful, expansive, and therefore legible and frank.
  • mostly impulsive and spontaneous, it happens to him, by generosity and natural to do too much, as to grant too much confidence.
  • Continuous, serious, dynamic working side with a keen sense of realities and priorities.
  • Bright, analytical, receptive and endowed with ideas and creativity.
  • Epicurean, sensory, she knows how to live her desires with generosity and good humor.
  • Finally, sensitive to attention and recognition.

She likes...

-News, TV shows about history, documentaries, the daily press, books about personal development.

-Interested in golf, squash, but for practice it is V.T.T and Nordic walking. Its sides space and nature.

-In music, it's eclectic and varied, pop, rock, Latin and classical.

-She does not hate tinkering, loves to receive and even better enjoy a nice restaurant, without neglecting a museum or a play.

What he would be like...

-If he is a little shy, it suits him.

-If he's faithful, reliable and caring, it's even better.

-Optimistic, it's a must.

-Neat, clean, it goes without saying.


-French or European, mixed, foreigner provided he is in his region, visible and available!

-If he is in the 45 - 50 years, we are in the right range.

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Development Manager

51yo - Divorced
Near Paris



You would not imagine it at the head of a strategy department of a large technology company ... let's say big. To say the least. Because she is not at all superwoman, business, only business ... and other fashionable formulas.

On the contrary, blonde pulling on the chestnut, with pretty blue eyes and fine features, slender figure, we would see it rather frail romantic version, mention to protect.

She is now 51 years old, with a smile and discreet elegance; of these women who notice themselves during an exposition, but who can be found walking at dusk on the Breton moor.

 She is divorced ; for some time now, without breakage, without apparent or recurring damage; because the couple no longer loved each other and maybe he gave what he could ...

 There will be a post-graduate degree, an engineering degree and a master's degree in physics. In passing, she perfected her English and Spanish.

 It's a non-smoker, who can love animals.

She is...

A little oak and a little reed .

* Sensitive, fine, a little artist, emotional, distinguished, airy.

* Responsive, determined, anxious to succeed and realize its potential.

* She is both sociable and secretive, generous and independent, atypical and contrasted, feminine and sporty.

* A sharp intelligence, both rational and pragmatic, and able to develop new solutions.

She likes...

* The sculpture is his violin d'Ingres.

* Thrillers and police, novels, essays, these are his readings.

* Sailing, gym, cycling, walking, and more recently golf (beginner), these are his favorite sports.

* Museums, architecture, painting, theater, and restaurants, that's where she likes to go.

* Nature, walks, that's what relaxes her.

* To receive the friends, it is what enters in the list which precedes, as well as to travel direction Asia or the opposite, the USA.

What he would be like...

  •  between 45-58 years old.
  •  He will have a higher education.
  • *His character will be voluntary, courageous, clear, honest and transparent, generous in his feelings, understanding in his relations with the other.
  • He will be French, European, or even ... North American.

Reference : 300HSMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad



46yo - Divorced
Near Paris


  • Beautiful woman,  for not to saying ... very 46 years old, a bit typical,  with Hair cascading by tawny reflections,  has an invitation in her  look a  sympathetic and youthful smile dissipates. We will also emphasize a  perfect line with what is needed of harmonious forms.
  • She is a medical specialist.
  • And in civil status, divorced.
  • She cultivates a modern, casual style that enhances her. But we feel it capable of this urban elegance that betrays the Parisian.

Her path:  years of medicine, then a radiology DES followed by a D.U ultrasound. By the way, a little English, what is considered average.

Daily, morning and not smoker.

After the course ... the love. As we all love each other, we get married and we divorce because we do not love each other anymore. But for her, there must be someone who wants to join her on a path that will become hers.

She is...

-cherry , enamored with social contacts, .She knows how to live smoothly and in harmony; she is  generous; also knows how to be autonomous and take a step back. Attached to reality, she enjoys a broad, stable, epicurean,has an  active life where patience and balance have their place. She knows how to be wise, resourceful and creative.

She likes...

-Cook and receive friends.

-Nature, walks, trips and restaurants, preferably good and friendly.

-Scuba diving, swimming and jogging because madame is quite sporty.

-One eye on fashion, another on decoration and whether to have a third, it would be for a flea market or a museum.

-One night at the theater, it's yes.

And what to read, because there the chapter is frequented. As well as that of the news.

What he would be like...

- a French or European.

-Between  45 to 55 years old.

-Single, widowed, or divorced, with children or without children, it does not matter.

As long as it is:

- Attentive

- Epicurean

- has  generous heart.

- Enjoy life and open minded and loyal.

Reference : 300MSMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Director of international foundation

45yo - Divorced
Between Paris and the USA


  • Jacket, blazer style - blue, accompanied by a beautiful white skirt, as for the evening, she wear an evening dress to attend galas, and added  long blond hair, white bodice scalloped, the 40 radiant, we would see her president of yachting club in Santa Barbara or ... ex champion of tennis in a TV series in Miami beach. It's up to you to choose the casting.
    • In real life, we learn that she is:

- International Foundation Director.

-Divorced since a few years.

- And  by going back in time, we discover that she was born in the United States, in an environment where there is  ideas, knowledge, information are at the center; that she has traveled ... Above all, she has a fresh and confident look on her future life as a couple.

-Details ? Why not ... what else ... she is a "no smoking woman" ... much more "evening" than morning ... Who loves children but who is old enough to have some. Who loves animals and who is not old enough !!!

She is...

 -Tonic, dynamic, optimistic, positive.

-  has a Good education, used to travel.

-With broad and fulfilling designs.

-Open to the present, determined in his plans for tomorrow.

-And a spontaneous, direct and independent relationship.

-Instinctive and full of ideas, she knows the weight of realities and never stays on a failure.

She likes...

Her hobbies, piano, tennis.

*In music, classic and Latino.

*In sport, either walk, nature, tennis of course.

*She also likes biographies, read news and reports, go dancing, make a restaurant, entertain friends, connect deco or archi, or the arts in general.

*And her  home.

What he would be like...

He really wants to unite with a woman.

- Good education.

- Accomplished in his life.

- Ready to commit.

- He is French, Swiss, Belgian or simply European.

- He has ... either  55 to 65 years old .

- He is generous with good  heart and ideas, honest in his moral options, with self-esteem and self-esteem.

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Consultant Senior

47yo - Divorced
Near Paris


  • SHE could have, with her blonde hair - fashion and sporty cut - her pantsuit up to date, her bright smile and her eyes, to be the heroine of the movie on Boeing Roissy New York, boarding immediately!
  • Or,be the young food critic quoted for an upscale newspaper, photo medallion to the front page.
  • Well no, she preferred the business school option, English-Spanish course, then over the years, perfect an experience that makes her, today at 47 years old (impossible to give him) a senior consultant appreciated.

- And yet, the career-business course alone is not enough to open the doors of the El Dorado.

 - He misses this Gulf Stream named Love, to send by the bottom a celibacy that does not fit him anymore

. Of course, there was some time of life of couple, some hopes but nothing predisposed to the long course.

- While today, she feels ready, to cast off a non-stop trip that is done to two.

-And the art of the solitary navigator ...

She is...

Extroverted, tonic, fresh, bubbly, optimistic.

-Positive, dynamic.

-Demarcated, able to combine seriousness, ambition, with fantasy and creativity.

-Modern and current, we soon discover a need for attention and tenderness that it does not deliver immediately.

-Taste, refinement, intelligence are part of his character.

She likes...

The gastronomy and the history of the steamers, its two violins of Ingres.

- Biographies and novels for the literature chapter.

- Comedies or auteur films for film-film.

- Skiing, yoga and swimming pool or swimming pool skiing and yoga for the "do" department and not I would like to do.

- A little classical, Jazz and Rock for the comfort of the eardrums!

- Travel, a circuit, a hotel for the heading "elsewhere and far away".

- Nature, painting, deco, museums, restaurant, news, receive ... to finish filling in the questionnaire.

What he would be like...

A European ok, a French yes, an American ok, but an American in Paris, then there ... even better ... the top.

-Between  40 to 50 years old. if he has children, that's fine, especially since she does not have any.

- He will be considerate, respectful, loyal with humor, and an interesting and open mind.

- Being a non-smoker, a non-smoker might be better but ... we can not order everything.

Reference : 300PLMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Team leader of company

34yo - Single


Hamilton would have liked his smile, sweet a little distant and muffled, between tenderness and mystery. A real woman's smile.

 Her romantic brown hair looks dark auburn, the complexion remains clear. We guess it's big and sculptural.

At 34, the doors of life are open to her, she is single and on the rising side of a career of team leader in a large company.

Born in a business environment, she learned at a young age the values of effort, merit and emergence. As a non-practicing Catholic, her studies lead to a Bac +5, with a management school, plus an additional year for a ESSEC Purchasing Specialist thesis.

 Her English is fluent and, she stresses, not without humor, her Spanish runs slower. Simple intermediary.

 Today, she is in charge of team management and works hard and well.

 And tomorrow ? Tomorrow, she hopes to be fulfilled in a harmonious and lasting couple because the family is part of her values.

 To complete this digest, we must know that it knows how to be ready in the morning, she has no inclination particular smoking, she likes animals without spending Sundays in the aisles of the spa, and that she would like to enrich her couple with an offspring. There are much more difficult wishes, so ... why not.

She is...

Sociable, extrovert, knowing how to take the time to live and go around things in a good pragmatic way.

Calm, relaxation, curiosity, discovery enter its style palette.

 In love, she is sincere, generous, constant, constructive, sometimes secretive and above all loyal.

 Behind the very balanced, caring and assured attitude, there is a real will, basic objectives and a healthy ambition of life. His judgments are objective and common sense and always tinged with optimism.

She likes...

What is important today is her work, her interior and the goal of a couple she has given herself.

In his tastes, he enters the discovery. Countries of Europe, Asia, the Caribbean; it would be my good faith. And also the news, the political events.

- She also likes to listen to Rock and variety.

- Without being a devourer bibliophile way, she likes to read some novels and works of personal development.

-Drama comedies in the cinema, it suits him.

- Exercise physically, hike, sail, swim, yoga.

-Receive friends or enjoy a nice restaurant.

- Take a look at the decor, it gives ideas for the home.

What he would be like...

He will be in the age of 34, up to age 42, he will want children.

-It will be French or European.

 And for character:

  •  Open
  • Generous in his feelings
  •  Respectful of each other
  •  And of integrity and loyal spirit

Reference : 300ALMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Senior Executive

51yo - Divorced
Near Paris


In the column women of today, one could read about it:

  • •women
  • •bubbly
  • •Slender
  • •Blonde-brown hair, worn in a high bun or in rolls
  • •Fine ties that do not exclude harmonious shapes and ... tempting.
  • •Here we are in full chapter "eternal feminine and seduction! ".
    • Today she approaches some fifty unsuspected and undetectable, and declares herself without religion or practice, tolerance option. And also non-smoking.


  • After graduate studies and a master's degree in sociology and documentation, with a strong knowledge of English, she pursued a career as a senior executive as a professional documentation service manager in a national organization.
  • On the  intimacy and feelings side , here she is back to square one, divorced after 10 years of life of couple. Simply because love, like an old source often comes to dry up. She has derived a rather clear vision of the one that should suit him.

She is...

  • • lively, extroverted but with her secret gardens.
  • •Sociable, optimistic.
  • •Generous, unconscious and fresh feelings with a precise idea of what suits him.
  • •Refined but demanding on the quality of pleasures, beings and things.
  • •With that spontaneous, able to live his feelings and to escape routines and prisons.
  • •Neat and simple elegance and discreet.

She likes...

-Well ... the opera, the animals.

-Many ... novels and travels and so much better if the trip is a beautiful novel as the song says.

- Enough and even more ... swim, run, pedal, play gym or Pilate.

-Regularly ... news and political debates.

- Always ... a good thriller in the cinema or a psychological film or art and test.

- Sometimes ... a museum

- Often ... a restaurant

-In general the arts ...

- And ... more, friends, see them, receive them.

What he would be like...

- between 50 - 60 years for age

-Toned, slender or of average body build for the physique

-French or European, even mixed

-Open, fun or funny, able to share the pleasures of life in true tolerance. Warm, with  a good  heart, and delicate attentions. This for the profile.

Reference : 300VPMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Financial director

47yo - Divorced
Between Paris and abroad


  • A little face, something childish and fresh, a slim and airy figure, it does not take more to create this current of sympathy that gives the meeting all its charm.
  • At 47, she has an extended student style, still eager to discover life, social backgrounds, cultures.
  • Financial director of a large banking institution, she has as much immersed in the career ... until the neck;  but today, she intends to use her youth capital, by getting a new look and listening to her heart. This is how the bachelor has decided not to be.
  • And to forget his record, the ESLSCA, Sup de Co with a good level of English ... of course ... to know more, know gentlemen, that behind his glasses limit intellectual, eyes are sea blue, that the “In the morning”, she has the shape, that the children she likes and that on the side of tobacco, she goes on strike.

She is...

Emotive, sensitive.

* Optimistic, enthusiastic, generous, relaxed.

* Not seeing evil, honest, scrupulous.

* Serious, realistic, hardworking and applied in her job.

* In simplicity, modesty and the requirement for oneself, in life.

She likes...

* Discovery, countries, people.

* To be passionate for the music of the Jazz with Blues passing by the classic and the choral song that it practices.

* Sports on earth: walking.

* Sports in the water: swimming.

* Underwater sports: scuba diving.

* And of course nature and hiking.

* On TV, reports.

* And in the movies, the police, the adventure movies and big show.

What he would be like...

  • • A boy between 45 to 55 years old.
  • •french or foreign.
  • • Casual, a little atypical, kind, enthusiastic, motivated to live in pairs.
  • • Knowing how to exchange. A knowledge, a level of knowledge, a confidence to give.

Reference : 300LTMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Deputy director of day-nursery

38yo - Divorced
Near Paris


  •   she is 38 years old. Assistant Director of Nursery. Divorced without children.

A natural blonde with blue eyes and long curly hair, nature must have told herself that it was not enough; So she gave her  a perfect silhouette, made in shape and thinness. All in a simple and natural style. Maybe nature had suddenly remembered that Eve had to be like that in the Garden of Eden before crunching the wrong apple!

  • Initially, she feels motivated for the nursing school, as soon as it will finish ; then diploma in hand, she hears the voice of the sirens of the vocation. Direction  to the world of children and obtaining a position of responsibility in a very innovative structure.


  • On the marriage side, things do not turn in favor of her  ideals. Sincere and supportive, she thinks she did  everything to save the building until the day when it was necessary to go to the evidence.


  • •As a good Catholic who has faith, she believes in family, children, and the couple who is the core. This is his quest today. And tomorrow will smile.


- Does not smoke.

-I n good physical shape, she is and morning and evening.

- Speaks English and German.

She is...

  • Natural.
  • Sensitive.
  • Sweet and romantic.
  • Emotive.
  • Optimistic.
  • Sociable.
  • Generous.
  • Affectionate.
  • Capable of empathy and listening.
  • Sometimes she trusts too much and follows the slope of her heart too much.

She likes...

  • To walk in France, in Europe.
  • Follow news, reports, and some cultural programs.
  • Connect music, and depending on your mood, listen to this or that style.
  • Plunge into a novel.
  • Take a picture.
  • Chiner in a flea market.
  • See an action movie, a police officer, a historical fresco, or a romantic one..

What he would be like...

  • BETWEEN  38 to 45 years old.
  • A robust, strong, healthy, affectionate, stable, constructive boy; the meaning of family and traditional values.
  • Two things that are important to hER, that She wants a child, and Christian religion.
  • If she is a little shy, with something held back and deep so much better.

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63yo - Divorced



She is one of those women who, at the age of sixty, have remained young, modern and elegant: long legs, a curve, brown hair, a face, and a tonic and Parisian style. She is divorced after 22 years of marriage lived abroad. Born in France in a family context with classic references, she passes a Bac C, integrates a business school and specializes in international trade for a career in the fields of fashion and franchising. By the way, she acquires the English she keeps and some notions in German. Catholic non-practicing, she is non-smoker, enjoys living in the evening rather than at dawn, likes animals but does not.

She is...

* Dynamic, always up-to-date, available, listening to what interests or interests her.

* Full of paradoxes:

* Reserved but open to life and to others.

* Demanding and relaxed at a time.

* Committed, whole but capable of fantasy.

* In search of emotional protection; as independent as spirit, acts, and opinions.

* Optimistic, sensory, generous and open to creative worlds.

She likes...

* Sport, golf, gym, skiing / snowshoeing, hiking and ... trips to the sun.

* Political and cultural news.

* Cinema, theater and expositions.

* French song, rap, jazz, classical music, baroque, castrate voices.

* Receive friends, family, cook, she loves.

*  fashion, restaurants, and some charitable activities complete a diverse range of tastes.

What he would be like...

  • French, the gentleman, at least of European culture.
  •  Somewhat brown, from 57 to 67 years old.
  • A positive character, sense of humor, accomplice of spirit, protective in love and faithful.
  • An attractive physique, a charm, a presence, the sporty look.
  •  And if he is a golfer, so much the better.

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Company manager

49yo - Divorced



  • The second side of furty is  powerless to remove the stimulating presence that gives her  a tonic silhouette and pep's she has a beautiful face typified between Europe and the Indian Ocean.
  •  therefore she is brown, dyed matte, limit large but not too much, and has a  side look, she  is embers pulling on the brown.
  • she is  also a business leader, has  not on Swann's side, but on new technologies. The result of an extra-hexagonal journey with saga flavor, rich in experiences that put it in contact with the Anglo-Saxon world .
  •  business culture. She knews how to keep the essential and throw away the artifice.
  • Divorced and childless. Deeply affective, she wants today to put away the imperative job above all; and to live a deep love, of those loves to create roots for one tree of life for two.
  • •For the individual, we read Catholic non-practicing and non-smoking.

She is...

  • Extroverted, direct, frank, positive and optimistic, with an acute perception of situations and related responses.
  • Active, enterprising, curious, with a concrete as well as creative spirit.
  • she is : has passion, and generous and all affects that make her go forward. In love, sincere, genuine, sensitive to attention as well as independent.
  • Neat, refined, demanding on the quality of people and things.

She likes...

- News, reports and political news.

-A trip, a class hotel. But certainly no longer a life of constant travel and time shifts, finding today real roots motivates more than ever.

-Cinema, with a true culture of film buffs.

-Sport with running, fitness, and golf.

-Very much the animals, to say a lot even if she has only one cat.

-Read, geopolitics, thrillers, policemen, bio.

-As for the music, it's all, except the ones that attack. As a child, she played the piano.

-Discovering good food, good atmosphere for dinner, going out to the theater and other shows, evenings with friends, -sometimes getting lost in a salon or an exhibition, strolling along the streets but even better, breathe nature, her  whole range of eclecticism which she likes to detail.

What he would be like...

-A man with a fairly international dimension.

-French or European with a plus for an American or Anglo-Saxon.

-between 45 to 55 years, he  will have a tonic, and especially elegant, neat, and presence.

-His profile: humor, calm, recoil, reliability, openness, sense of values, faithful and generous heart. Positive.

Reference : 300BDMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad



44yo - Divorced
Between Paris and abroad


  • She is one of those women who breathes good mood and joy  of life.
  • She is…. mostly beautiful plant, with some red highlights in her hair and green eyes "canal".
  • She is simply attractive in the brilliance of her 44 years.
  • She is a business manager and a divorced, with 10-year-old girl.
  • She has  HEC, handles with ease French, English, Dutch and German. Her career has led her to Paris, Antwerp and Brussels, and today she has a desire to settle down and not to relive negative patterns.
  • She comes from an environment where the culture of merit and responsibility is right.
  • She is Catholic, but practically ... non-practicing, she is non-smoker, morning and loves nature and animals in general and her dog in particular.

She is...

  • Energetic, warm and generous.
  • Extroverted, open to humor and fantasy, sensitive too.
  • Authentic, frank, direct, sometimes too incisive and complet.
  • Constructive, responsible, down to earth, hardworking and catchy.
  • Simple and natural, she has a taste for beauty and the pleasures of quality.

She likes...

  • Take an interest in politics, follow the news, the debates, read the economic press
  • The human sciences in general, psychology, philosophy
  • Modern Art
  • Traveling (Europe and evry where)
  • Walking, skiing, golf, partner ... please show up.
  • Violinist, she likes classical music but also hip hop, electro ...
  • Eat at a good restaurant, see a comedy, go dancing.
  • and more reciveing friends at home.

What he would be like...

  • a French or a Belgian, even European, between  45 years up to 60 years.
  • A man with human values, honest, flexible, liberal, epicurean.
  • A look pretty neat, something relaxed and friendly that passes.

Reference : 300VHMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Business Engineer

39yo - Single
Near Paris


 Musset, Lamartine or Théophile Gautier would have liked to describe his porcelain face with chiseled features and a romantic aura. Watteau could have painted her, or Poussin.

  •  At 39, the lady with the gray-green eyes, the long cascading chestnut hair, and the princely silhouette, lived for several years as a couple and, over time, the common projects moved away from a goal shared, and ended up extinguishing the future of this relationship. Today, volunteer and enthusiastic, she is ready for this couple with a big C, and light years away from the "provisional that lasts".
  •  In the city, she practices the profession of business engineer. Before, it was studies, a master's degree in sales-management, and a development in Italian. As for the English, she masters it well.
  • Catholic, she does not practice.
  • Smoking? not his cup of tea.
  •  Morning, she says yes.
  • As for the children, she would like to have one.

She is...

  • Sweet, delicate, refined, attentive.
  • Feelings are loyal, generous, idealistic, loving harmony.
  • Creative and artistic, but not devoid of rational and pragmatic attitudes. Delicacy and a way to seduce and convince.
  • Demanding and ambitious when it comes to making a living.

She likes...

* Discover the different cultures of the world, travel to the States, Asia or Italy.

* Arts and creative fields, museums, painting, theater, architecture and concerts.

* Reading of course, cultural, political, economic and business books.

* She also loves dancing and running.

* And receive friends ... of course.

What he would be like...

* She sees him city dweller. Tall.

* Taking care of him, giving off insurance and ambition.

* Pretty elegant and charming. A committed, generous, loyal and upright character.

* French or European, from here or further.

* And he will be 35 to 50 years old.

Reference : 300HCMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Project Manager

36yo - Single



-If a woman were to combine with nature, it would be her. Rather big, tonic, a pretty silhouette that can be guessed, more than it shows; long hair pulling on the brown; a look named hazel and a smile.

-Thirty-six, single, beautiful age to feel safe to love for life.

- We will quickly know its course: the business school, which will lead to its current situation, project manager.

-By the way, we discover that she is passionate about travel and if it is beginner in Spanish, German and English side, it is rather top.

* In bulk, we know it's not practicing catholic, morning yes, smoker no, wanting to become a mother, yes of course. Except he has to be two for that. But valiant heart is said, nothing impossible.

She is...

  • These people must be discovered beyond what they may seem.
  • * Of a reserved, even modesty; she traces her own path between naturalness, modernity, classicism and a touch of originality. It feels a little shy and heart side a little defensive and modest, as if to find the key to tame!
  • On the other hand, at ease in the discoveries, the projects, the physical expenditure, the healthy life.
  •  Intelligent, pragmatic and rational, with ideas, solutions, curiosity and few prejudices. On the other hand, there are values, landmarks, and let's say ideals.
  •  Thoughtful character but who can also dream and imagine.
  • Sensitive, she knows how to open the door of the arts or beings and to explore their riches.

She likes...

  • * Nature and open spaces, hiking, skiing, trail running, mountaineering, horse riding and rowing (without knowing how to rowing a horse!).
  • A certain eclecticism: documentaries or news programs, some museums, theaters or music moments to enjoy the beauties of this world. And according to the mood: a book, a restaurant or a movie (rather art and essays but not that ....).
  •  Travels and meetings, many, many.

What he would be like...

* he  would be great :

-if he was between 38 and 45 years old.

-If he was French or European.

-Preferably wanting a child.

-If his profile was generous, intelligent, dynamic, open and knowing mix conformism and fantasy.

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57yo - Divorced


She is a blonde, slim, slender to the Parisian elegance, of her discreet and chosen.

-She is a 57-year-old woman with fine ties and sapphire blue eyes. She is a consultant and civil, divorced for years and mother of a boy of almost 21 years old, studying in Paris. At his touch, one feels the excellence of education, a taste and a frank and confident way of living life.

She is a non-practicing Catholic who has embarked on higher education with enthusiasm and envy. She graduated in law (master's degree), graduated from German and Political Sciences. She speaks English too. Independent and progressive, she opts for a consulting career before forming her own company.

When she was younger, she described herself as a romantic girl, with a marriage at the end. Marriage that will fade quickly for lack of common stimulation, generating a mutual boredom. But he still has the conviction that there is somewhere who is made for her and who, somewhere, follows the same path. A path that passes by Monceau St. Honore to be sure.

She is...

* Between extrovert and reserved.

* Between sentimental and independent.

* Between finesse, tact and frankness.

* Between dynamism and stability.

* Between outings and at home.

* With a sharp, cultured, enthusiastic and creative mind. Positive, sensitive and critical. Let a bit of surprise stimulate.

* With refined tastes and sense of proportion and healthy living.

* With some small flaws, Madam is sometimes impatient and slightly impulsive.

She likes...

* The charm of old Europe.

* The attraction of the USA

* The atmosphere of the Middle East.

* The joys of writing.

* The spice of political broadcasts.

* The analysis of a moment of history.

* The old-fashioned aroma of a flea market.

* The rhythm of an action movie or a comedy.

* A little swimming.

* The pleasure of receiving friends or a nice restaurant.

* The freshness of a morning. As for tobacco, she does it.

What he would be like...

* A kindness ... common tastes ... a strong personality ... that does not prevent to express gestures and tenderness.

* A liberal attitude towards each other ... a franchise ... intellectual centers of interest ...

* Someone from 60 to 68 years old ... still dynamic and current style ...

* French or European ... from here ... or elsewhere ...

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Managing Editor

45yo - Single


Freshness, femininity, energy and konws how to enjoy in her life  , with her own   style , between classicism and fantasy, she is the message that passes. Managing editor, she is 45 years old, is singlo e has nchildren .

 On the physical side, she is a pleasant woman with cherrying  eyes has beautiful  green shades , that  sometimes hides behind a rebel with reflections. a Laugh, perhaps her secret  the is elixir of youth!


    a master in communication and science ,technical journalism, after a 2nd cycle of chemistry.She speaks English, French and some words from Goethe's language.

 On the garden side ...

         she loves music, flowers, culture, travel ... and does not smoke or practice her religion.


           a little less luck as for many. Several years of life together and then they find ou a mismatch in their  characters.  She feels ready now  for a real relationship based on feelings, complicity and sharing, where each one  will develop their personality in respect and esteemat . Because life is discovered and combines with two in  happiness!

She is...

  • Cheerful, optimistic, balanced, cheerful, honest.
  • A mix of seriousness and fantasy, with the sense of reality.
  • Active, voluntary, efficient, positive, she enjoys gourmet    moments of relaxation and the pleasures of life.
  • Curious, thoughtful, cultivated, creative.
  • Sensitive, she knows how to send  her emotions; generous in heart, she enjoys rewarding, has such balanced and fulfilling relationships.

She likes...

  • Music, Jazz, classical and current. Experienced piano (10 years) and violin  for (1 year).
  • Cultivate, write and read; a police and  historical novels, a  thrillers  and geopolitical tests .
  • Pilates, walking, swimming and golf where she admits neophyte.
  • Television, cinema watching  the movies. French, American or Asian classics. and more cultural programs.
  • Dance, theater, concerts, restaurants, it is according to or following the moment.
  • Cooking,for the  loved ones, as much as being interested in it (re) inventing it.
  • without forgeting  trips.

What he would be like...

  • French, European or American.
  • between  40 to 48 years old.
  • An alert, cultivated and thoughtful, open mind with a sense of humor.
  • honest , warm, caring, understanding.
  • Dynamic and balanced, optimistic, reassuring, relaxed, knowing how to step back when necessary.
  •  Has a Moral values.

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Chirurgien dentist

48yo - Divorced


-Let's have fun by being simple.

-Woman - man: Bar useless mention.

-Size: Tall, slender, harmonious.

-Age: Makes less than  47 years.

-Job: Dental Surgeon

-Marital Status: Divorced - a 14 year old boy.

-Religion: It's not central.

-Style: Sportswear - chic.

-Smoking: No smoking.

  • Let's agree ... it's a bit telegraphic, and so little related to the real person you'll meet ... impression of softness, calm and balance. she  has a  green gray of a romantic look? or the tawny blond of the hair? or something more diffuse or inner? Still, we feel that she is listening while her  charm seduces us.
  • Everyone has their own story, but with enthusiasm and optimism they have always realized and followed their dreams.
  • studies. With the end of the diploma of dentist.
  • And then the installation. Not to mention in passing the acquisition of some very useful notions of English.
  •  And then a marriage and happiness until the day when we do not share many things with the desire that fades and runs away.

She is...

  • Quiet, balanced, reserved, relaxed, knowing how to open when we come to her and appreciate the simplicity.
  • Sweet, sentimental,  modest, constant and generous.
  • Intuitive. But also rational and practical.
  •  has a sporty side, traveler, brave.

The sense of realities, capacity for effort and skill, she follows her bjectives with continuity and patience

She likes...

  • Countries that are far away to go.
  • Palaces or trekking to travel
  • Modern music for dancing or jogging.
  • She loves classical music (has played several years of classical piano).
  • Running to run.
  • Fast walking in the mountains to walk.
  • Biographies and historical novels to read.
  • The Grand Canal + newspaper to watch.
  • The cinema ... unless ... turnips to avoid them.
  • And for violin d'Ingres ... move, breathe, share make plans to conclude.
  • She loves rugby and all  universe  that is close to it.

What he would be like...

  • Large enough size.
  • between 45 to 53 years old.
  • French or foreign.
  • A loyal, upright and honest person who communicates and who knows how to be demonstrative in his way of loving.
  • An adventurous side adoring to travel.
  • A certain ego combining intelligence and humanism necessary to advance and believe in what we do.
  • Sense of humor.

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Senior Executive public service

43yo - Single


 -A smile as in fairy tales, candid eyes, a charm, feminine to the tips of the nails, it is the first impression that passes.

-She is single with no children, a senior civil servant, and is just starting her 40s.

- A modern style, current, highlights beautiful autumn chestnut hair.

- From education and classic values she successfully begins graduate school. DESS in public law and political science in your pocket, here it is. She adds English and German.

- Must believe that luck is not generous in all compartments of life! This, despite a sincere and faithful investment in the life of a couple . Confident in life, positive, she feels ready today to choose otherwise a new path of happiness.

She is...

  • •Extrovert, smiling, optimistic, comfortable in relationships with others. And capable of dedication .
  • • Full of contrasts. By his fantasy and seriousness in his career . By his aspiration for stability and a comfort of life that cut with idealistic sides. By his desire for a calm couple, faithful and protective but who leaves him his space of inspiration. By his part of dream that rubs a structured, rational and concrete spirit.
  • • Epicureanism, generous sensoriality and classic values complete the picture.

She likes...

her family, her friends.

 Gastronomy, oenology.

 Read all that captivates her, thrillers, fantastic.

 Watch sci-fi movies, follow an American series on TV, and why not follow a little fashion.

 Listen to soul music and more the trips that disorient.

What he would be like...

French preferably, a penchant for the blond or chestnut rather than for the "latin lovers".

- A physical presence

-From 40 to 50 years old.

- A man willing to start a home, honest, open, generous, faithful, caring.

Reference : 300CBMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Executive big company

64yo - Widow
Near Paris


  • The sixty fledgling of a blooming woman. Still beautiful woman, very nice silhouette, she has the natural blond, the fair complexion and a blue look that smells optimism and the joy of living.
  • Executive in a large car firm, she is a widow.
  •  With a good practice of English, his curriculum, shows in pole position successful studies in management and accounting.
  •  Intimate, following her widowhood, she took the time to rebuild herself; she knows, as Heraclitus wrote the philosopher, that "one does not bathe twice in the same water".
  • Agnostic and down to earth, she also knows that if destiny exists, its optimism and its way of being, as well as its good morning mood, are assets for the life of two.

She is...

  • Optimistic, animated.
  • Natural, casual.
  • Sociable and curious people.
  • Generous, faithful in her feelings, an enemy of conflict.
  •  Feet on the ground, concrete and courageous in the face of adversity. Sensory and knowing how to live his desires with fantasy.

She likes...

  •  +++ trips, outings and entertaining friends.
  •  Read, preferably novels.
  • A restaurant evening, a play, a good auteur film.
  •  In music, she is eclectic.
  •  Sport is golf, swimming, walking.
  •  Ok for all that is nature and ballad.

What he would be like...

A  tall man,  with a presence in society, a current that passes color sympathy.

- A sociable, open, tolerant, relaxed, stable, generous character, with a sense of humor and respectful of everyone.

- In the 60-65 approximately.

Reference : 300AMEMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Company Director

42yo - Divorced


Some  will say  that she has pep's, others spice. Some will only see her blonde hair with wild ripples, when others will flash on the curve of the silhouette, and on the level of fantasy up to date that emerges.

  • In fact, there is a little bit of all that. Except that beyond the facade, there is bottom. That of a 41-year-old woman, corporate manager and divorced.
  • She went through public accounting (diploma DECF), proves herself perfectly trilingual, declares herself a Catholic absolutely not practicing, admits to curse a few cigarettes a day, and again; and prefer the mystery of a nascent evening to pressing and hurried mornings.
  • As for the couple, this is the observation that many people make. One day, the rhythms of life change, the paths diverge, but we keep this desire for a being with whom the unison can finally last.


She is...



- Paradoxical, ranging from fantasy to seriousness, as classic values to non-conformist beaches.

- Alternately at ease in contacts; lively and spontaneous or even impulsive, then reserved, rational, pragmatic.

-Dominant emotional, sincere, generous, both fire, both ice; but faithful as much as independent.

-Dynamic, responsive, chic and urban side, dedicated, impatient, sensory knowing how to live her  desires, with a grain of madness if necessary.

-See on a big screen a comedy, a drama, a thriller but please ... no western. And on a small screen, an American series.

She likes...

  • Get your hands on a single object.
  • To write.
  • See on a big screen a comedy, a drama, a thriller but please ... no western. And on a small screen, an American series.
  • Go out, go dancing, discover a restaurant, receive friends, and at times, immerse hrself in French or American authors before 1950 ...
  • A place for rock music, classical, jazz but not at all for her piano because it seems she does not play anymore. And still a niche in the schedule for "the body". Madame practices Swiss Ball and Fitness.

What he would be like...

  • Tall, personable; an even better charisma.
  • Between 40 and 50 years old.
  • Attentive, intelligent, knowing how to love others without invading them, a living and available character, sincere.


Reference : 300SRMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad



41yo - Single


  •  we believe that she is a young girl and yet she is 40 years old. She is single has no  children and  employed for her .
    • Her style: pretty blonde - chestnut, blue  eyes, fine ties and hair falling  over her shoulder .we  guesses that she is  full of a romantic candor that would not have denied Peynet.
    • She is of classical and non-practicing Christian education.
    • To her credit, a profile both artistic and intellectual. Bachelor's degree in art history, mastery of Japanese and strong background in English.
    • couple Side , a life of two and then the feeling of a slow disintegration as each borrowed a different road . In spite of everything, she remains convinced that this experience was only an approach before the encounter, with a big L and a big R, that the destiny keeps toit..

She is...

  • •Reserved, a bit shy, is warms quickly as soon as the ice is broken. we  discover that she is cheerful, optimistic, zests of fancy and freshness of child.
  • • is emotional, sentimental, full of kindness, secret in the expression of her feelings. She is attached and must feel protection and attentions from her partner.
  • •She is curious, receptive, impressionable, which fuels artistic sense and creativity. Fairly idealistic, honesty is one of his values.
  • •She fears for lack of force director.

She likes...

  • Befor all, his violin d'Ingres, digital painting, photography, 3D.
  • Creative worlds: museums, architecture, auteur cinema and entertainment films.
  • Outings to the restaurant.
  • American and Japanese literature.
  • A cruise in Scandinavia, a long trip to Asia.
  • And also maintain his silhouette, fitness, yoga, walking, swimming.
  • Watch Rugby and Formula 1.

Not to forget  the dogs of his parents

What he would be like...

  • A Frenchman or an Anglo-Saxon or a Japanese.
  • As long as he is cultivated, he loves the arts and animals.
  • A tender, solid, caring and protective person.
  • Knowing how to understand others
  • And wanting a child.
  • 38-45 years

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Senior Official of Police

55yo - Divorced
Near Paris


My first ... is a sweet and beautiful blonde with green eyes.

My second ... is a very Parisian pretty face with sparkling eyes.

My third is a divorced woman ...

My all is a senior police officer in his fifties that we do not suspect ...

Learn more ... why not.

- Catholic? ... Yes

- Practitioner? ... Sometimes

- Smoking? ... Never

- Animals? ... A cat

- A moment in the day? The evening

- A course? Bac + Economics, mastery + good fluency in English.

- A marriage ? yes ... like many, but also a divorce and the philosophy that she has made her: "There is always somewhere a person who corresponds to you and who really corresponds to you".

She is...

  •  Extrovert.
  •  Optimistic and cheerful.
  •  Positive and courageous.
  •  Affectionate (very) and generous (too).
  • Casual, and fancy.
  •  Adaptable and refined.
  •  Feet on the ground when necessary.

She likes...

* As much as her house where she loves to receive friends, as the trips to "see the country".

* The arts, photography, architecture, concerts, cinema as much as fashion.

* Some TV shows, one day a destiny, as much as alkaline and that bring in the accused.

* Tinker, walk around.

* Mostly read, novels, and thrillers.

* With a time for sports. 4 program, walking, cycling, tennis and skiing.

What he would be like...

* French, or why not European

* From 48 to 60 years old.

* A being with simplicity, sense of respect, and attentions for the one he loves.

* A loving man.

* And creative mind.

Reference : 300NJMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Independant real estate agent

56yo - Divorced
Between Paris and New-York



Bronzed blond, preserved shine, she carries with class her 55 springs. She has a presence, of a woman accustomed to intercultural travel and contacts; a mixture of refinement and relaxation,  that colors her  image.

  • We knew then that she has an independent profession in real estate, also deals with marketing networks ...
  • That she is divorced after many years of commune life.
  • That she received a non-practicing Protestant education.
  • She does not smoke.
  • That she is more fit "by night than by morning".

She is...

  • Direct, full of life , impulsive, emotional, passionate and complet .
  •  the Enemy of confinement and pettiness, she hates narrowness and lack of generosity. For her, life is wide, and  accessible to those who take the trouble.
  • Dynamism, observation, and curiosity are among his qualities.
  • Excess and lack of prudence have sometimes been worth some life lessons.
  • Paradoxically, under apparent aplomb,  sometimes  she doubts and questions herself.

She likes...

  • The wide world, travel, history and entrepreneurship Anglo Saxon.
  • People who have things to say and to tell.
  • As much classical music as fun radio.
  • Personal development, spirituality, as well as business, swimming, skiing, golf.
  • See a canvas or a documentary show as much as enjoy with  the welcoming table of a good restaurant.

What he would be like...

  • A business man , commerce. Having traveled,  geting used to contacts. European or American.
  • between 50-65 age bracket.
  • An open mind , generous loving life,  has harmony and successfull . Lined with a curious mind, knowing how to mediate  it and give it a real affection.

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65yo - Divorced
Between Paris and the Provinces


 She approaches sixty with brilliance, tone and optimism. This lawyer, divorced, has an indisputable presence. Her chestnut-brown hair and hazel eyes catch the eye, the smile does the rest. With, in filigree, a hint of fantasy that does not spoil anything.

*Let's add that she does not smoke.

Born in an eminently medical environment, she traveled in her youth and learned the diversity of cultures. She speaks Italian, English and French of course. Lawyer diploma in hand, she does not miss to specialize and opts for an independent and liberal career.

* After long years of marriage came the fall of feelings and the moment to feel ready for a new spring.

She is...

Percutante, lively, extroverted, a mixture of seriousness for his priorities and fantasy in his way of life.

 Realistic, down to earth, active, dynamic, combative, a keen sense of results.

 Sensory, generous in his tastes, knowing how to live his desires, often impatient.

 Full and committed to his feelings; responsive to personal injury due to high self-esteem.

 Pragmatic, hard-hitting and offensive.

She likes...

Classical music, she plays the piano. Singing is his violin of Ingres as the arts in general. Theater, cinema complete the panoply.

Walking and she practices it.

The news.

Also read a lot, novels and literature in general.

 His job.

 His cat.

 And receive friends because she knows how to be friendly.

What he would be like...

  • 58, up to age 68, if he remains in good physical shape.
  •  He will have a higher education.
  • *A loyal being, full of kindness and who will know how to love the arts.

Reference : 300FAMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Managing Director (Finance)

49yo - Single
Near Paris


 She, 49 years old, general manager of a financial organization, divorced. 1m70, a beautiful silhouette; A good Parisian side dyed in its discreet elegance, and with that, undeniable assets:

A smile, an attraction.

 A smoothly looking look, in her blue-green eyes.

 Blonde hair cut up to date.

 Catholic non-practicing, she breathes classical education with something relaxed, limit fantasy, coming from its middle, we say liberal.

 Studies ? Yes of course. It was Sup de Co; Then the accession to positions of responsibility in the bank - finance sector.

 Sentimental side, we think about the weather! Marriage and beautiful fixed, embellishments and thunderstorms, warnings of storms, erosion. Then landslide to a divorce. Apparently well lived.

*It must be said that optimism and the desire to live and to love feed it like a fountain of youth.

What to read more in the following paragraph.

She is...

* Feminine, very. Sweet, adaptable, sociable, and receptive to the outside world.

* Distinguished, refined, against a backdrop of epicureanism.

* Generous and warm feelings, with a desire for protection and tolerance.

* An available mind, nuanced, creative and pragmatic. However, demanding in his personal values. And loving constructive harmony.

* Finally ... she is ... non-smoker.

She likes...

* In the "Many", she likes music, jazz, pop music, and playing on her piano. Travel too. Novels, police intrigue, and historical novels. And ... by the way, his job.

* In the "I just like", we will put, news, swimming, jogging, cycling, decoration, receive friends, go to the restaurant, dance why not, rather film buff, love the theater.

What he would be like...

* It will be big, or rather big, it will culminate to about 1m80 and ... more if affinities!

* He will have a presence, a sympathy that passes, with the civil status of 47 to 57 years.

* It will be a Frenchman having a higher education.

* A balanced, loving, courageous, stimulating, honest man.

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Literature professor

46yo - Divorced


  •  has a Long blondy  Venetian hair,  with a touch of romance, a slender and harmonious silhouette, an elegance combined with the eternal feminine. An eternal youth of features and tessitura, so much so that Chopin could have rewritten his nocturnes ... We will stop there to not be accused of falling in  her love!

* In her forties, she became a literary teacher and a certified literary teacher.

And for civil status, divorced.

She was born in an environment where culture, knowledge and openness are essential values.

  • Catholic non-practicing - Bac Scientifique but she move  on to the art History (DEUG) completed by a DNAP of Architecture and a Master of Modern Literature. She is fluent in English and has some notions of Italian and Spanish.
  • she does not smoke.

She is...

  • Feminine, optimistic, extroverted, relaxed and refined.
  • Combining emotivity and rationality, fragility and courage, fantasy and demand.
  • Sensitive, creative, she is naturally disposed to the arts and creative worlds.
  • In love, she is generous, conciliatory, affectionate.
  •  said at the same time, in the manner of Monsieur de la Fontaine, this "Reed" which, under a delicate appearance, has an unshakable tenacity.

She likes...

  • Literary programs and literature ... it surprises you? More ... classical authors but also contemporary. Currently, she reads Modiano.
  • Horse riding, ground bar, pilate, jogging and ballet.
  • All the arts, up to fashion and decoration.
  • A bit of everything in music with a little more piano side where she re-starts.
  • Hot countries, Africa where she lived a few years.
  • Also and especially his violins of Ingres: to write and to paint, without forgetting ... to discover, to learn.

What he would be like...

  • A French.
  • Or stranger.
  • Betwene 45-50 years, up to 60, so good shape and self-care preserved.
  • A profile with strength, assurance, panache, honesty and ability to compassion.
  • A profile that will inspire confidence.


Reference : 300MFMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Head of Company Between

67yo - Widow
Between Paris and Provinces


-  She is one of those women who do not leave indifferent by their optimism, their presence and their eagerness to live, carried by a tonic silhouette, if not in good taste.

 - she is 67 years, maybe, but the fact is that we tend to take away a few years, this former manager of real estate company and social status "divorced".

-she is  big blonde with hazel eyes, the contact is direct and playful.

-She is Catholic; Practitioner? "A little bit," she says.

- Life has earned her some hardships, she has adapted, in good self made woman, she has never ceased to be.

-Except that today, a desire for balance, sharing, and complicity completes her appeal of tenderness. Because she believes in a new path on which will find, the companion that will suit him.

She is...

  • Full of life, direct, animated, with an extraversion doubled of i dont know what refined.
  •  is an affective with passionate feelings, she does not cheat, gives as much to the other as she expects from him.
  • She is concrete, loves life, resuscitates after the blows of firedamp, it happens to do too much because she is courageous and combative. She is a conscientious person who also knows how to think and get to the bottom of things. With exigency.

She likes...

  • Many things with eclecticism include:
  • Travel and cruises in southern countries ... when the opportunity arises.
  • The show C in the air, but also "the queens of shopping" and fashion.
  • A detective film or adventure.
  • News and politics.
  • DIY .
  • Her house and receive there friends.
  • And for sports hygiene, golf and swimming. So that you can then have a good restaurant.

What he would be like...

He will be between 62 and 75 years old

-Will be French.

has a Great physics because it measures 1m75.

- He will have presence, charisma, experience, listening and will seek love as he does; If it's with a big A, even better!


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Company Head

72yo - Divorced
Near Paris


-Still a beautiful woman at 72, so much so that we give her 10 less. A toned body, sun in the eyes, and gold in the hair, with the added tanned complexion of lovers of boating and fresh air ... marine. We would go well with hero n the Route du Rhum.

-In the city she is a company manager.

-And privately, divorced.

-Her life: busy:

-Computer Engineer degree.

-Consular judge.

-Practical languages, English and Spanish.

-And 35 years of life of a couple.

-In detail: Catholic non-practicing and non-smoking.

She is...

-Very emotional, generous in her feelings that she carries alive, sincere, committed, frank and loyal.

-A woman of optimism, with a positive spirit, enthusiastic, and pragmatic, she can even take the right initiative without waiting.

-And of course, woman of action. Sporty, efficient, easily impatient; his side leader and figurehead who can not be dismantled, the sea was it bad !!!

She likes...

  • Sliding sports, down hill skiing, water skiing and boating. To sail, to take the sea, to read the weather, it is exhilarating. But also calm, relaxation and the beautiful countryside.
  • News, politics, his work, a little photo, a little DIY, his house.
  • A certain taste for sculpture.
  • Good movies, and good restaurants.
  • Not to mention the friends she receives with conviviality.
  • Traveling, for example a trip to the USA.

What he would be like...

  • •An elegant man, a charm.
  • •French or European.
  • •Between 65 and 75 years old.
  • •Active, honest.
  • •Generous, broad views.
  • •A good education.

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Symphonic music composer

53yo - Divorced
Symphonic music composer Near Paris


-Beautiful blonde of 53 spring, divorced, composer of classical music.

- A head wear, a deep look, eyes where the green argues with the brown, rather large, you feel and you guess a great sincerity and a call to authenticity. In all and for all. With confidence, she becomes animated and becomes enthralling:

-.. A childhood rich in travels,

-... An industrial parenting environment,

-... and pretty catho ... classic values,

... Higher musical studies; She will teach university -composition, counterpoint, etc.

.-.. And then the independent career of renowned composer rich in national and international awards. And of course CDs appreciated by music lovers.

At the same time, a marriage and the trials that often attach to it. With the faith that there is somewhere a being who is waiting for us because he corresponds to us.

She is...

-Emotive, sensitive, delicate, selective.

-Reserved, he must know before giving herself up.

-This artist's temperament needs a calm and organized life to let her creativity speak.

-Sentimental, deep, faithful, loyal.

-Applied, concise, persevering, she approaches the unknown with circumspection.

-Attached to classic values that make her trustworthy.

She likes...

  • Classical music she has done her job and career.
  • Yoga for the balance of body and mind.
  • Her Persian cat.
  • Culture, museums, concerts.
  • And the arts in general.
  • A good movie, an interesting TV show, one or two electronic cigarettes.
  • Gardening as a violin of Ingres.
  • Traveling in the sun when it's cold in France.

What he would be like...

  A french man

 No smoking

Between  50 to 60 years old

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Business relations director

46yo - Single


Her? Forty-something, radiant, blooming, single, Business Relations Director in a big group.

An attracting style, long brown hair, an open face, full lips and laughing eyes. She is modern and trendy, with coolness and fantasy.

She studied in college and got a master degree, after that an MBA and then a career in business relations in the insurance field. She became a commercial process manager. She speaks English, and during her path, she pulled away from a catholic impregnation to take interest in Buddhism. Especially the respect for others and nature it implies.

And there are personal joys. Life as a couple is on of them, until inequations and ruptures came up. And with that a more accurate perception of what is needed to finally find harmony.

She is...

  • Smiling, conciliatory and in a good mood
  • Joyful, optimistic, eclectic
  • A bit still childish, in fantasy
  • Creative as much as rational, with her ivory tower
  • Epicurean, sensory
  • Realistic
  • Stable and settled
  • Generous with her feelings, sometimes hesitating before giving her all, and demanding about things and people's quality.
  • Non-smoker

She likes...

  • All the numerous countries she visited, China, Japan, Lebanon, deserts, the Spitzberg, the USA
  • Readings, she is a member of a literary jury and of the circle of friends of Proust
  • Her Ingres' Violin: she is writing a book
  • Her weak spot: jewelry
  • Her thing; street art and primitive art
  • To find the time to do drama and to go watch a Woody Allen, a Tim Burton or an adventure movie.

What he would be like...

What He should be like:

  • From 40 to 50
  • European
  • Charming, a modern look, nice and relaxed
  • Smart and a wide range of interests
  • Capable of passion, of solidity in his affections. Someone generous, sensory and stimulating, which she can build complicity. He has a good standard of living.


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Industrial Director

43yo - Divorced


This 43 year-old lady is an industrial director. She is divorced with no children.
In her early forties, slender, brown eyes, brown hair, she likes pants suits, chic and elegant, almost posh. Only a façade, because the shrewd eye will quickly notice her charming smile, the affectionate expression, the sensibility. As many features she seems to hide to protect herself.
Born in a family where moral and intellectual values flourish. College studies, Engineering school INSA. Then educational journeys abroad before becoming the head of a factory.
She is Catholic, irregularly practicing, she speaks English, German, French and Thai

She is...

  • Frank, direct, optimistic, independent.
  • But also reserved, reflected and pragmatic
  • Her confidence hides a sentimental, affectionate side, capable of giving a lot.
  • Lively, she is a hard-worker, determined, sporty, without forgetting a humanist mind, loyal and respectful.

Also fond of what is sensory in life and of what can be shared with someone

She likes...

  • Drawing, she knows how to sketch a portrait
  • Planes, she pilots even acrobatically
  • Bikes, but no acrobatics here!
  • To travel and discover new cultures
  • Sci-Fi, a true passion, like comic strips, and also poetry and novels
  • Play a bit of a reluctant violin
  • Listening to music, watch author movies and also have a look at what's under the ocean by diving.
  • DIY sometimes, hosting friends
  • Enjoy a nice restaurant
  •  Some 3 or 4 cigarettes during soirées
  • Finally... her cat

What he would be like...

  • From 40 to 50 years old, even a bit more if he is in good shape
  • Upright, honest, affectionate, tolerant
  • A good intellectual level and a sense of humor.


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Real Estate Negotiator

35yo - Single


What happened when we are quite tall, slender, ravishing, up to date and relaxed, when we are 35, single, real estate negotiator, with long dark brown hair and blue eyes? Well, we don't lack masculine votes nor any admirer!
Except that this lady is looking for the one, who will know how to seduce her and give her love modelled on the ocean. Deep, vast, with its peace, its storms, its tides, its fecundity, its colors, never the same, always surprising.
She was born in a good environment, where values, quality of being and living and demand are transmitted. After she graduated from High School, she chose to study arts and communication. She masters English, French and has a few notions of the language of Cervantes. Then she met the world of real estate and from that moment her career began.
She is Catholic: practicing? Quite, she says, which means: not always! However, she is always an early bird, always loves dogs, and same difference for a few daily cigarett

She is...

She is extrovert, generous, happy, curious, relaxed but soignée, traditional without being rigid, demanding with her choices, rational, emotional, her aspirations are serious and genuine as much as conniving and hard liner

She likes...

  • The sun
  •  Having her feet in the water and to be honest, everything having a relation with water. The ocean, travels, swimming pools, shores, boats, nature; walking
  • Human relations
  • Every readings, restaurants
  • Cinema, TV, hosting
  • Some French pop music, pop
  • But fashion, museums, architecture or DIY, it's...meh and even nah!

What he would be like...

  • From 34 to 44 years old
  • Single or divorced
  • Catholic
  • Nice, gentle, funny, sincere, solid, independent, constructive, has been in college, lives in her region, but why not from another country


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High public service

43yo - Single


She is a pretty 43 year-old woman, single with no child, working in the high public service.
Some kind of undefinable magnetism, always coming through, never telling its name, shows through her classical and distinguished style.
Slender, 1m72, her light-brown hair is a concession to a trend she does not copy but takes her inspiration from. She has deep and attentive velvet-brown eyes.
She is a non-practicing Catholic, we can imagine she was studious, rather very good student. Her academic background as proof: IEP, great business school and public service school. She speaks the language of Shakespeare, she is not into tobacco since she does not like smoke, but she likes animals.
Finally on the love side, and more if there is chemistry, she feels ready for the couple, the one and only. That couple that Life has strived to make impossible.

She is...

  • Calm, reserved, but amusing and relaxed when we know her well
  • Rational, self-controlled but also sensitive and artist
  • Refined, a woman of taste, an esthete for tastes
  • Rigorous and demanding carrying out her duties

Generous, deep and loyal in her heart

She likes...

  • Playing Piano
  • To draw
  • To paint with watercolors
  • To restore furniture, to collect ancient fragrances
  • To play a little bit of golf and tennis, skiing, depending on the season and in moderation
  • Weekends and vacations, escaping by the sea, in the country or in the mountain

What he would be like...

  • Tall, at least 1m80, he is not overweight, nor bald, nor passionate by oenology, nor hyperactive
  • Between 42 and 48 years old, French
  • If he has kids, they should already be brought up
  • He is loyal, reassuring, attentive, capable of empathy

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Sales Manager (luxury hotel business

39yo - Single


Pretty blond, feminine, elegant, well-proportioned. 39, single, sales manager in the luxury hotel business.
Her style: between modern, city-dweller, contemporary. Her long blond hair and her nostalgic blue eyes remind one of Lorelei, the fairy from the banks from the Rhine which gave to the trilogy of Wagner its mysterious mark.
A history filled with travels, reflecting her international way of thinking. She stayed in Belgium, the antipodes, in England, but not on Mars yet!! She speaks English, French, Spanish and Swedish. She does not smoke

She is...

  • Sensitive, aesthetic, creative, refined
  • Optimistic, sociable, generous, but surprisingly demanding
  • She has wide and international conceptions
  • Feelings where the security, the family and the couple are fully realized

She likes...

A certain quality of life; travels are a part of it.
The reading of l’économiste, le Figaro, the Sunday Times, because she follows the news.
Currently she dives into the South American history. But not to the point of drown in the Amazon!
She stays in shape running. She has a particular taste for museums, decoration, architecture, cinema, a luxury restaurant would not displease her

What he would be like...

  • He would be preferably Parisian, or else French or European
  • Would be 40 to 49 years old
  • Single and divorced
  • A man both solid and refined, protective, stable, an established situation and he practices sports

He takes care of himself et is open to fashion and to the news

Reference : 300LGMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Architect Engineer (Technical Manager)

46yo - Divorced


Flamboyant, elegant, statuesque is the way she attacks her early forty something. On top of that, a young, modern style, with an Amazon touch. And also long brown hair sweetening her expressive and a bit tanned face.
In the profession column you can read architect, provided with an engineer degree.
And divorced can be read on her marital status.
She has benefited from many journeys to foreign countries and the environment where she has been brought up to develop her linguistic skills. French, English, Serbo-Croatian fluent and Italian.
She is a Christian but practices occasionally. She is not addicted to tobacco and is one of these who feel fit right in the morning.

She is...

  • Extrovert, at ease in the world, optimistic, mobile and naturally lively and dynamic.
  • City-dweller, cultivated and refined, loving the spice of life
  • With passionate, generous and sincere feelings. Emotional, she can be impulsive if her amour propre is eared.
  • An organized, structured and logical piece of mind, oriented towards creative innovation. Hating monotony.
  • Dynamic, always ready, at ease with challenges

She likes...

  • Her personal and professional life
  • To travel to sunny countries, to discover other cultures
  • Arts, decoration, fashion and cultural worlds
  • A social life in dancing, chic and gastronomic places
  • Luxury and elegance
  • To exert herself by practicing Pilates, golf, jogging and swimming

What he would be like...

  • From 40 to 55 years old, tall, soigné, clean, with nice hands, a presence in society
  • Refined, elegant, cultivated, sporty
  • Big-hearted, sincere, open-minded, having good tastes
  • A joie-de-vivre and the capacity to see the bigger picture which will make easier the admiration she needs to love
  • French or foreigner

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Managing director - Pharmaceutic Industry

55yo - Divorced
Between Paris and abroad


What a man would see in a glimpse of an eye: the chic, the look, the taste, the blond hair, someone feminine, a luscious face and a romantic je-ne-sais-quoi.
She is in her early fifties, managing director in the pharmaceutical industry, and has been divorced for some time.
Non-practicing Catholic, she was born in a family with liberal and traditional values. She got a degree from an international Business school and juggle quite well with English, French, Spanish and Italian. She admits falling from time to time for a few cigarettes but mainly to feel today the will to cheer up a useless solitude and finally get in a Streetcar Named Happiness.

She is...

  • Sociable, cheerful, distinguished
  • Which differs from her generous openness and her reserved fields
  • Affectionate, romantic, refined, aesthetic and sensory from time to time
  • Demanding on the work side where she loves to manage, lead and undertake
  • Rational but creative, a curious piece of mind
  • Wishing to admire her partner

She likes...

  • Arts, museums, theatre, fashion, decoration
  • Cooking, and why not seam
  • A bric-a brac shop
  • A good movie
  • Her home
  • Hosting friends in it
  • Philosophical novels
  • playing tennis, golfing and do fitness
  • a tune of jazz or classical music
  • to get away, Polynesia, South America

What he would be like...

  • From 50 to 56 years old
  • He has a presence, taste and education
  • College-studies level
  • A big heart
  • Romantic, an attentive nature
  • Someone she can admire
  • A mind open on the world and quite no taste for routine

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50yo - Single


  • Gorgeous Woman. 50 years old.
  • Journalist
  • Single
  • Tall and slender, 1m77
  • Black model kind
  • Black hair, Chocolate complexion
  • Nice and a pleasant contact, she quickly wins unanimous support
  • Moreover, nobody believes her age, a gift from Nature (she looks like 15 years younger)
  • She speaks English, confesses that she has some notions of Spanish. Provided with a Master degree in History, she threw herself into a freelance journalist career. Then she decided to change, to enhance her palette so she taught herself to traditional psychotherapy, so she can quit, little by little, the journalism field. Also the moment to bloom new flowers that are still in her heart and only wish for fresh air and light.

She is...

  • Extrovert
  • Generous
  • Sentimental, endearing.
  • Optimistic
  • Elegant
  • Sophisticated
  • Reliable, Serious
  • Intuitive
  • Surprising by her woman-child side she's been able to keep

She likes...

  • Sagan, Conrad, Durell and reading bestsellers.
  • World music as much as classical music
  • News and events
  • Writing is, we guess, her Ingres' Violin
  • She loves the movies. Easily movie fan, she watches "Suppléments d'enquête" on TV, and confesses going along with American series. She follows fashion, like deco, succumbs for a good restaurants, never the last to suggest going to one. Ok for a concert, a play or hosting friends.
  • She likes…not…smoking

What he would be like...

  • French or European, he is elegant and charming
  • Approximately 45-53 years old
  • Elegant and has sophisticated tastes
  • Kindness, affectionate, sensual, loving Life
  •  A solid and sincere man

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36yo - Single
Near Paris


She is a pretty young woman and she is 36. Single with no kids, she is an assistant Civil Law notary. A style… classic and up-to-date, a bit posh, highlighting a slender and thin figure, a simple elegance. An image a teeny bit romantic, with brown hair falling over her shoulders. Like a fragrance of good neighborhoods.

Law studies, oriented toward the profession of notary. With, at the end, the degree… and with it, ready for a career in the oldest ministerial agency.

Non-practicing Catholic, also non-practicing when it comes to tobacco, she received an outstanding upbringing, with classical references.

Now, she only needs to find…well…her soul mate, the real one, not the ones built in the short-run, with life conceptions that are light years away from each other. Because for now, it has been her lot, and she thinks that this kind of things are not ineluctable.

She is...

  • Smiling, distinguished, both sociable and held back.
  • Emotional and sensitive with an inner sanctum where romanticism and ideals are composing the Four Seasons.
  • Rational, rigorous, well-grounded, but also imaginative and daydreaming

Meticulous, serious, very involved in her choices, thus responsible. Ready, demanding and morally straight. Quite attached to conventions

She likes...

  • Cooking, a lot, her specialty: pastry.
  • Her occupation of course but also and especially novels, newspapers, news, documents…
  • For the movies, a romantic comedy and she melts… an action movie and she likes!
  • Rock, pop music… and to exert and balance herself; running, swimming, skiing, biking and dancing
  • To go away, sunny countries, deco and hosting friends!

What he would be like...

  • From 34 to 45 years old
  • French or European
  • Single or Divorced
  • A reassuring presence
  • Someone generous, sociable, serious in his commitments
  • With just what it takes of humor

Reference : 300CPMSTH - Contact : +33 1 70 62 95 00 - Reply to this ad


Executive manager

51yo - Divorced


Tall, slender, a dream silhouette, curved legs and a chic look, she interested a great fashion designer, even from atop of her 51 years old, which no one believes she is! She is an executive manager, provided with an M.Phil in History and a good mastery of German, English and Castillan.

She is a non practicing Catholic, divorced since many years. Some details? She has brown hair and brown eyes; fair-skinned and a strange cocktail of feminine charm switching with a distracted rudeness of a tomboy! We will not forget that she is non-smoker and that with all that she'll be a hit.

She is...

  • A city-dweller
  • Emotional
  • Hurtful
  • Impulsive
  • Dynamic
  • Sporty
  • Frank
  • Clumsy
  • Breathtaking
  • Passionate
  • Intense
  • Sincere
  • She tries her hand to softness and she is making strides
  • Reproached for moving forward more easily than having hindsight
  • Sophisticated tastes
  • Literary mind
  • Aesthete

And for uprightness, there is no curves, it's straight

She likes...

  • To write, set down on paper her emotions to look at things more clearly
  • To Read and read again Proust, her who does not like wasted time! To try her hand to English literature
  • The Balzac programming at the cinema
  • To listen to Chopin, explore Rachmaninov, and abstract herself in Malher
  • Follow fashion, or maybe it's the opposite
  • To explore some restaurants, hosting friends and to see South America or Asia soon again.

What he would be like...

  • She has to look up to her partner, his look, his presence
  • He is 49-56 years old
  • French or British, stranger
  • He has been to college and of course education, open-mindedness, affectionate, honest

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Aerospace Engineer

46yo - Divorced


She is a 46 year-old woman, executive manager in the aerospace engineering field. She is divorced with no kids. She is elegant, attractive, immaculate. Her style, both classical and contemporary, exudes good taste and is highlighted by beautiful laughing hazel eyes and long light-brown hair. She has a warm smiled, spiced by an Iberian touch.
She is a non-practicing Catholic, born in a family context of quality and balanced, she found her niche in France, where she obtained a master degree in physical sciences which allowed her to get into an advanced scientific organization. On top of her assets she also speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese and German. But the physical laws are not always operating on the planet Feelings.

She is...

  • Optimistic, smiling, adaptable
  • Receptive, affectionate
  • Attached to pleasures of life; comfort, refinement, aesthetics
  • Hard-worker, patient, consistent and demanding when it comes to her choices
  • Rational, structured, practical and honest mind

She likes...

  • Travels "à la carte" all around the world
  • Salsa and oriental dance
  • Walking, watching, strolling
  • Scientific disclosure publication
  • Independent producer's movies
  • The silence
  • Evenings rather than mornings
  • Decoration
  • Animals: not much, cigarettes: not at all

What he would be like...

  • A man of 45-60 years old... He is elegant, charming, so she can look up to him
  • He can be a foreigner, or come from another region
  • He is optimistic, affectionate, solid, loving life, cultivated, positive and able to decide when he has to.

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