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70yo -

If they were all like him ...   in The new meetings  always  pleasant, well made and announcing for  tomorrows ...

  •  The image is simple;  he is a "GENTLEMAN".

Distinction, elegance, dark blue blazer on  pants with gray strings  . He is always smiling , there is spark in his  eyes behind a thin glasses up to date, Dark blond  hair and an impeccable cut, 1m79, medium body.

 Everything in him breathes the values of good society.


  • The essential ladies ...
    •  he is Surgeon
    • well  70 years old (impossible to tell ), excellent health.
    • Non-practicing Catholic
    • Non-smoking

His brilliant career has taken him abroad; He speaks German and French.

In the Couple side, more than forty years of life together and then one day the other is no longer the same person. The good mood change , and love disappears.

  • The Feeling of today available, young spirit and more  physicly, he tell  him self that there is still a room to bring to his future companion the bouquets of tenderness that will fill her.


Between Paris and Switzerland

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Surgeon - Hospital Director

63yo -


 That's true for him ... but not only that.  it will be necessary to add the bottom to the form, the contents to the container and the legend to the portary.

  • A LONG half-length HAIR with a large clear forehead and sober look, he  mixes classic and modern, and that  gives  him an air of romantic intellectual way 19th century.

With his blue eyes that sparkle and warm, unveiling the humanist, no doubt that if George Sand came back she would fall in love with this new boyfriend.


You will tell us that one as the other  In addition, he is a university professor ... in case, you would like to become a student again!

  • At 63, he keeps something of the young man he was.
  • AND AFTER A DIVORCE and some experiences, he is convinced that a fuller happiness awaits him, ready to be taken .
  • EVERYONE has his own image about him in his calender.
    • A loving childhood, a trusting father, an intelligent and sweet mother.
    • Classical educational values on a Catholic background.
    • A brilliant university course,  with  success.
    • A marriage, a divorce, the ups and downs, in short, the  life path....
    • A lifestyle of both dawn and dusk, without cigarettes, open to animals although having no dog, cat, canary or goldfish! For sea lions we do not know !!!

Oh, we forgot, sir loves childrens, as his own  ,or those whom  he share life with , because they are part of the  life harmony.

Between Paris and Province

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Liberal profession

65yo -

  • Ideal  and perfect  suit .
  • Slender and elegant silhouette.
  • relaxed and natural posture that reinforces a communicative smile.
  • With a high, balding forehead,  for some  he is classy and gentleman compared to the  other British and intellectual, also they  all agree to find him friendly and sympathetic.
  • The counter of his car marks 66 (years of course and not kilometers).
  • On that of the career ,figure the notary montion ,today Honorary.
  • For the F as a family, we read D as divorced!
  • Religion side, we will put N  as none  .
  • Cigarette? Tobacco? N also as none.


Between Paris and Province

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64yo -

Handsome man, Industrial, 64 years old, divorced ... ..

This is the story of a man ..

Behind the natural presence, beyond an elegance and a Hidalgo port, there is a whole story, and more, a saga,

He speaks with  confidence , with a warm voice that elimenates any distance.

  • He is  64 today, graduated from the university of south california , he took a sabbatical year ,the time of reconverting activities abroad for giving hexagonal context.
  • Time also for his polyglot; French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, to rebuild a sentimental life, a few years after a divorce ... like many.
  • Some details to know more, he  is catholic with no  practicing, more of the evening than of the morning and non-smoker.



Between Paris and abroad

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Technical Director in Aeronautics

53yo -

He is one of those men with whom we feel good: stature, presence, benevolence.

He is one of those men who protect themselves from wind, rain and storms, and with whom the hazards of life dissolve into a big glass of optimism.

His mage of teddy bear with a laughing and attentive look makes you want to know more:

  • 53 years old, General technical director of an international aeronautical company
  • Speaking English, German, Spanish, portuguese and naturally french.
  • His life is the story of a man moving from the bottom of the ladder to make his way up by his efforts and merit.
  • Comme souvent dans ce cas, la vie sentimentale en pâtit. Today again free and without children, the idea of a real family taunts him. A family with its values, its warmth, its permanence.
  • Details, we always want some details. We will know that he is Catholic, twilight more than dawn, not addicted at all to tobacco, rather a little bit more to animals, dog or cat and in his case .. a dog and a cat.


Between Paris and South America

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64yo -

  • We say that the first impression is he is the one : that of a man full of life, full of strings to his bow and full of fluency  and generosity.
  • Beautiful blond hair a little long, with some gray strings, a contagious smile, would be a way of saying, as a film maker would do: "he has a mouth"
  • Despite that the  tie suit  suit of the best taste, it feels more comfortable in casual, a way to start with hopeful sixty promising.
  • He is a lawyer after a prolific studying  youth, master at  philosophy and law, knowledge of Spanish and English.
  • Private life, a marriage than , after 25 years of married life divorce as for many; This non-smoker, mostly  in the evening who knows how to look towards his future by chosing Monceau St Honoré  throw the first stone of his future couple.




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63yo -

  • His  scaly glasses,  with a slight trendy goat gives him aristocratic features, and makes  him  look chic and casual.
  • With peper and salt hair , gives him a look  of  British director or archaeologist ,and this look  is not actualy misleading  as he is be a business leader in decoration.
  •  63 years of civil status and divorced private. Non-smoker and more evening than morning.
  • The course of the gentleman: graduate of the EPPA and commercial graduate studies, languages side , English.
  • After a marriage of 25 years, we had to find him optimistic  and  ready before thinking of rebuilding confidence. And this time without being wrong.




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Project Manager in International NGO

39yo -

He ...... is 39  years.
He ...... is single, with no children.
He is in charge of mission after good graduate studies sanctioned by a doctorate in pharmacy and crowned of a D.E.A in international law.
He speaks Spanish, English and of course French ...

To know more .... He is agnostic, non-smoker, more of the evening than of the morning.
BUT - the question is ... how is it?


The answer ….

He is a brown, with a cheerfull look, mostly  thin; a simple casual look but discreet and safe taste. With his brainy glasses and a little beard - it's trendy - you could think that  he is  an archaeologist, or an anthropologist, and even with an egyptian look if egyptian look if this attracts you .

Whatever the case may be, this project manager broadcasts  with a pleasant and relaxing company.

As for many, the career and the time of maturity - one factor adding to the other - have DELAYED the moment of  a certain heart.

Today he feels to be in an a new founding  cycle , entitled "SEARCHING FOR THE SOUL MATE".




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42yo -

He could be "the perfect companion" and after a minute of reflection, we assure you that he is!

Tall, distinguished, natural, friendly, brown hair, cut short, a smile, a reserve, a respect for others.

- The indiscernible 40’s that starts, functions of Project Manager in Public Buildings, single has no  children, a classical education, he has everything to succeed his life .

- only he misses the companion but  he has not  the hope of meeting her very soon .

- She must know that he is a non-smoker, wants children, likes cats and ignores any religious observance.

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73yo -

Tall, slender, elegant, he has retained at 73 years, stature, silhouette . we  feels  that he is a man of weight in his opinions and judgments.

He is an independent profession, a CONSULTANT; gone through all the stages of the legal career, license, DES, then lawyer; finally, advice, fruit of knowledge and experience.

 garden  heart side , he is divorced today after 37 years of life as  couple, the observation that time does nothing to give back to  his feelings the greenness of the first spring! Yet not enough to put the flags at half mast. This non-practicing, non-smoking Catholic still feels ready to; simply love.

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76yo -

It is said that style makes the Man .........

He  is made of sober and discreet elegance that never hides a natural tonic simple and direct.

mostly tall (1m80) brown-gray hair, green eyes, it is far from an age that you madam will not guess.

"Retired engineer, divorced has no  children, he feels ready to relive as a couple and to discover two new horizons in tenderness and attention to each other".

Learn more:

* A physics license followed by a DEA.

* has Strong knowledge of English and languages in general.

* Catholic not practicing.

* Non-smoking

* Loving animals but not having them ... ..

* mostly evening than morning.

Reference : 700DJPMSTH - Contact : +33 1 56 68 06 95 - Reply to this ad

Doctor - Pediatrician

37yo -

  • A sweetness in the look.
  • A zest of fun in the eyes ....
  • Hazel color and autumn ...
  • No more «  looking for » madame  ; the whole is conjugated to M-A-S-C-U-L-I-N.
    • Profession :  Doctor - Pediatrician
    • Soon 37years
    • Family situation: divorced
    • Catholic, practicing occasionally

In addition to his studies at « Esculape » in the Service "Hippocrates", he can speak English, German and Romanian.

His experience of the life of a couple is a little less rosy, the fault of a spouse rather dishonest and manipulative. And yet he still believes in happiness and even more in the ideal couple.

His future companion should  know that he is a non-smoker, that he wants to have children and that he likes animals but does not have any.


Between Paris and Province

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40yo -

  • Just 40 years old.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Single childless.
  • great.
  •  has a Tan.
  • Green eyes
  •  has a Wavy hair
  • And then there is the picture that says more about  his great and  good character :

-black  suit. Well cut light shirt: with classic  and casual style .

-The face is relaxed, clean, cheery.

 -Behind its "cool" sides, we feel a quality requirement in what it is and in what he undertakes.

-his  curriculum shows a major business school, EDHEC; in knew a good mastery of the language of Shakespeare.

Reference : 700AHMSTH - Contact : +33 1 56 68 06 95 - Reply to this ad

Executive in an International Industrial Group

50yo - Single

  • Behind the impersonal statement, there is a character who deserves to be known. A character who has a path, a story, a dimension beyond borders, in short a culture that presnt  together many and that presents no difficulty to be shared.
  • His style ? between classic and casual, with  the look as something that remains of his childhood  soul.
  • His journey ? well-conducted graduate studies, an EM Lyon master's degree, and a DEA in information-communication. A rich linguistic level, with French of course,English and Arabic.
  • Today, this non-smoker, allergic to smoke, mostly morning than nocturnal,  acces to his job for long time on his career, realizes that his love life, after fiew  experiences, is not high as much as his aspirations, thought it is  simple , a family, a child.


Between Paris and Canada

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Business banker

50yo -

He.. is only 50 years old .. business banker .. divorcee ..

He also, a silhouette, tall man with a smiling face, slim with  dark blond thick hair, nearly brown.

He .. is also an image, dark suit, white shirt and light blue tie, bringing out a tanned complexion.

He … is mostly a sort of «  I don’t know what », simple, natural and  sympathetic. Someone who you want to know a little bit more. A good reason to get on the tramway.

.. details :

Catholic, without practice.

Not a smoker, rather in the evening than mornings.

Classical education, Higher educational Curriculum  from Rochelle Business School , an expert acountant, thesis of  « tax law » and political science, Paris. Having three couplets in English and the rest in Italian.

He … today. After several years of life of couple, the misunderstanding, the conception of life, of education, etc .Digging little by little, the ditch. Yet, nothing to be discouraged, and especially the tenacious idea that a companion, in harmony with , will be the key to his equilibrium .What to push one day, the door of Monceau St Honoré.


Near Paris

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43yo - Single

  • Him .
  • at the nineteenth century with his size and thinness we would have been seen him  as romantic  hero or dandy like DORIAN GRAY.
  • AT the 20th, one would have hesitated between Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford, for his elegance, so British, and informal at the same time.
  • Today, in jeans, dark blazer and open shirt, he is  good of his time. Chic and relaxed, a little restrained. Limited shyness but with a lot of sweetness in the smile and in the blue eyes.
  • Still him: 43 years for the calendar, legal manager for the job, with diploma of lawyer for the curriculum.
  • And as  always he is : single with no  children , for the civil status.
  • What would you like to know more about him!

A life time of a couple; but a huge cultural difference shortcut; experience.

Religion, non , he does not appreciate too much investment in his  issues.

Languages, English, Spanish.

Lifestyle: morning, evening? It depends on the weeks; Smoking, no, nothing to do with weeks, nor months, nor leap years, it's not all the time.

He is "open" for animals

But the important thing is the following paragraph.


Reference : 700EAMSTH - Contact : +33 1 56 68 06 95 - Reply to this ad

Administrative framewor

41yo - Single

He  is natural, like in the photo, or, as in Trenet, we see him  "dancing the sea with  its silver reflections." In the foreground, a handsome brown with green eyes, athletic and sportif  . Nothing of the Latin feature film, version "dolce Vita". No, mostly a nature lover, casual and genuine.  limited board  .

Under the picture, a legend :

  • 41 years.
  • Single without children.
  • Administrative framework.
  • Objective, to found a family.

Becuse  today,  he is done from  being embarrassed, anxious, worried, because of a deficient hearing, following a rubella, that was  in his youth, and made him an eighth-foot.

In filigree, strong assets that add to the density of the character: his  origins, moral values of quality, a love for  children, no inclination for tobacco, good and availabale in the  morning . In short, what to "sing in the rain", and live two on an autumn Sunday, on the Riviera!.


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Liberal Profession

49yo -

Handsome man, 49 years old, divorced, liberal profession. Production of operas. Imposing presence, brown blond hair, and beautiful green eyes.
An atypical course, direction of the Capitol of Toulouse, production of operas, France, Italy, Spain, England. Where his polyglot’s talents work wonders. It is a Protestant not follower.


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Key account manager

41yo -

There is in him something… of aerial :

  • Fine silhouette
  • Slender size
  • Intellectual’s big forehead
  • Wavy hair, rather fair and combed behind
  • And for the eyes, a bright blue… glasses with fine frame style scales add a small side retro actor.

The message which spends… delicacy… sympathy, with a I do not know what of aerial.

  • His calendar. 41 years old.
  • His job. Key account manager.
  • Civil statuts. Divorced. After 12 years of married life. And for the hidden sides of the affair, it happens that the life arranges incompatibilities so professional as personal.

Languages : 3. French, English, German.

And also, what he is not :

  • Smoker, no.
  • Evening less than morning.
  • Follower, not very, but catholic, yes.
  • Bricolo, no, not either of Sunday.


Near Paris

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Company Director

51yo -

  • We would see him in a movie, detective novel or adventure. In jean, tee-shirt and jacket « chic », he has a relaxed appearance. His scarf slipknot add a color of a circuit driver after a big prize.
  • A blow of zoom to get a closer look. The man has dark hair, worn waved and free with an eagle look that a smile of adventurer warms.
  • After the character, the scenario; in live CV and not legend or patched up script.
  • Age : 51
  • Job : company manager
  • Civil : divorced
  • Religion : has many, catholic little practising
  • Studies : sup – DECF (high studies in the financial sector)
  • Languages : the English, but… not very well !
  • Way of life : morning and for the evening too.
  • Animals : yes, he loves them, no he hasn’t anymore.
  • Family : excellent remember of his parents. And healthy and normal relation.&

Near Paris

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Captain in the industry of sea transports

38yo -

Tall, brown, slim. Matt complexion. Shoulder-length hair. The look is of ember. The lines are fine. There is for a mystery where the romanticism appears… In the cinema, we would see him like an adventurer between Bombay and Macao, to the theater touchy young man. In the city, a professor of martial arts and we do not make a mistake a lot.

  • He is, at 38 years old, captain in the industry of sea transports. Master degree, known and practised languages French, English.
  • He is single, without children.
  • He is also a catholic not follower or occasionally.
  • In the life, he wishes to have children, find a real soul mate and strengthen his experiences. He also wishes to take advantage of the life between Paris and the islands of the Caribbean.

And to know him better, you have to know that he is rather of the evening instead of the morning and he is non-smoker, or very little because a good Cuban cigar from time to time

Near Paris

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Company Director

78yo - Widow

Thin, elegant, chisel-faced, in great shape about seventy, has something of « So British ». In blazer, clear shirt and pants anthracite we would see him well in president of yacht club somewhere near Southampton.

Today, comfortable retired man and widower, the man has nevertheless two feet in the capital. Our hero in the look across the Channel is finally a Parisian and happy to be, even if sometimes he likes to escape for a cruise.

The facts remain that in the contact of his character, we fell that he made a beautiful career, but what he knew how to turn over the page and look at towards the future. In the album of memories two columns: Before, with a marriage and its end a widowhood, and now.
A Now that he conjugates at the immediate future. Because he considers well that his taste of the company and his desire of tenderness will find an echo. And when we have the health, energy morning and evening, when we are non-smoker and when we pay attention on his person, that makes all the same assets… so… why not ?


Reference : 700RSMSTH - Contact : +33 1 56 68 06 95 - Reply to this ad


67yo -

  • He is industrial, divorced.
  • The tonic, landed and virile 60s.
  • The style we add 1/3 classic, 1/3 relaxed, 1/3 rather style, but finally simple.
  • The image dresses up anthracite grey good maker, white shirt open collar, we would see him very outgoing of a colloquium "small and medium-sized enterprises". Modern, we tell you!! Down from his meter + 86 cm, brown hair and hazel eyes, he walks a reassuring stature and a good-humoured smile.
  • « Private ». Catholic, non-having a practice, non-smoker, a couple, then a marriage, then a divorce, because, just like mountains, the erosion exists with it accomplice the wear.
  • Tomorrow: will be the time of to live more, of to live better, especially if we are two and happy of the being


Between Paris, Geneva and the province

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Education Researcher

30yo -

  • It is a single 30-year-old young man. Researcher on education in the Higher education…
  • It is a brown dyes matt, with dark hair; rather classic with a zest of looseness, slim. What is surprising is the heat of an intense look. Doubtless because of some Greek origins.
  • His story, an environment Class Christian, an excellent education, quality studies: Preparatory class for business school, then a Master's degree of management followed by other one of research and finally doctorate in corporate finance obtained not long ago.
    Even if, that on the side heart, the route presents for the moment a little more thorns than roses. The fault to a relation of various incompatibilities. Of what confide today selective as much as motivated. Sure that love with a big A is a part of his fate. Then finished the roses and their thorns and deeply the orange blossom

Between Paris and the province

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Company manager

61yo -

  • HIM… Kind: male … Age ? ... very recent about sixty which conjugates on the mode fifty. Job : Company manager. Private life : divorced (as many !).
  • HIM AGAIN… but to say more… tall, rather thin. A relaxed and discreet elegance. Brown hair which wave, wink of sportswear eye. The cheerful look, the atmosphere sweetness, and for curious color blue. If we add everything, that makes somebody nice who walks as a backward movement on the things of the life, in brief, resting(basing)...
  • ALWAYS HIM… but younger… First student, then awarded a diploma by engineers' great school, followed by a diploma of the IESTO. Then, of course the learning of « English ». And to close the chapter, it is a morning, a Catholic not follower, a non-smoker, who has nothing against animals and even which is for. If you desire, madam, to learn more about him, then cross the following sections

Between Paris and the province

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56yo -

  • Tall…
  • Brown…
  • Curly hair…
  • He feels Optimism and Looseness Way South American.
  • Beyond the cliche… The reality of a 56-year-old character, Industrialist of profession, a rescuer of several Companies, and taken place by a formation and an engineering degree.
  • Stage right, he is divorced; and decided not to stay - Single-handed sailor - convinced that he will find the one who will know how to fill him and to whom he will give in return, his great joy of life.
  • Details ? why not…
  • Catholic.
  • Not at all irritated with the British language.
  • He is 1m85 tall.
  • Liking the children.
  • Animals too.
  • And non-smoker.

Between Paris and the province

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Doctor Specialist

51yo -

  • Wide and high front, salt-and-pepper hair, look penetrating, sporty look, a distinguished style, a natural touch and patrician at the same time, he is a DOCTOR specialist, 51 years-old, divorced.
  • Catholic, he practices occasionally.
  • He likes the animals as well as children, smokes some cigarettes per day and declares himself as well of the morning that of the evening.

After the studies of medicine, there will be a career and a life as a couple. And if the first one is brilliant, the second is less. We discover the inadequacies of character and the points of no return which follow each other. Until the day when we say ourselves, when a being somewhere has to correspond to yo

Near Paris

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Liberal profession

52yo -

  • Tall, elegant, distinguished, a big forehead which denotes the intelligence, a thumb of phlegm which would not deny a British; and especially a smile which gives him one ounce of gentleness.
  • For the continuation, 52 years old, liberal profession, and for the marital status, divorcee.
  • He made a good course “side grey cells”; a business school, and then taking advantage of the professional program, he obtained additional master's degree and doctorate.
  • Long stays abroad came conveniently to master the Italian and the English in particular.

The classic values, the educational quality perceive themselves fast in his contact. We shall add that it is a catholic having a practice, non-smoker and anecdotally, that he appreciates animals

Near Paris

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Company manager

46yo -

He is not of these men who bet on the effects or to seem him, but of those who reveal a worthwhile, at the same time rich and atypical personality. He is 46 years old, manager of a company and divorced.

His style: rather classic side look, with a sober but sure and especially well-made taste. Eyes are blue, the amused look, letting filter a pinch of humor and an indisputable delicacy.

Hair are brown even if some decided, some only, to go on a cruise.

His program. Before the personal company, there was a doctorate in art history. We shall add it multiple knowledge acquired in self-taught.

Concerning love story, as often everything begins well until the life gets involved in it, in big knocks of thorns, obliging you to go back to square one. It is his case after 18 years of life as a couple.

Near Paris

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66yo -

Behind his glasses, the look is amused and easily cheerful person. Wavy, salt-and-pepper hair overhang a tonic and energetic face. The look is simple but modern, the style was purified without subtlety. Jean, moccasins, fine squared shirt underline a thin and sports silhouette. On his description, we read :

  • Profession architect.
  • Age : 66 years old.
  • Family situation : Divorced.

He speaks English, a "normal" English enjoies saying; in the section cigarettes, option tobacco, the answer is nothingness. Not very animal either. The studies? The program architect, then the diploma Architect DPLG. Read Architect Graduate By The Government. As for the heart, her history is not very current; 32 years of life as a couple, we could say that for an architect, it is concrete! An union in reinforced concrete! And nevertheless now the wife, abruptly exchange, modified behavior, U-turn. The thread is not any more level. Re

Between Paris and the province

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International lawyer

44yo -

He is an international lawyer, he is divorced without children; he is 44 years old, he is tall, 1m90, he wears the cut short hair, there is of the green in the eyes, and in the look, one unsheathes of nice adventurer... Which goes moreover with the story of his life. Journey, far disorientation, assimilation of a new culture east of the Mediterranean Sea, acquisition of the foreign languages, the English, and a little Italian and the Spanish besides the French and besides the Greek. A family for whom the excellence matters and which you should not betray.

It is the long program of the legal studies then the installation and the career. It is necessary to believe that near the feelings, the way is less obvious; following the example of those who discover that the companion does not have the same vibrations, neither the same culture nor the same loving compatibility. Challenges which our "hero" well intends to raise.

Reference : 700AIMSTH - Contact : +33 1 56 68 06 95 - Reply to this ad


67yo -

Investor, he is 67 but looks younger. He is divorced. His style is made of classicism, enshrouded with coolness and a touch of refinement.
He has conserved a presence made of calm and warmth and a sharp eye. He is a non-practicing Catholic. He has got a pharmacist degree thanks to a scientific academic background.

Profile: He is a bit shy. Reserved, discreet, we could even say secret. He hates tensions, and seems to flee from what force, oblige him.
Mainly cerebral, reflective, analytic, he reckons and knows how to build on his rational skills. Calm, balance and personal space are parts of his values. His feelings and friendships are selective.


Near Paris

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50yo -

Handsome man. 50. Divorced. Broker-merchant. Wavy brown hair. A smiling face, an elegant appearance, a well-off style, almost dandy. He seems like a sophisticated man, at ease in society. He does not have any affectation and he is able to mix simplicity and meticulousness.
An intellectual and artistical background. Acting classes and then a Business school degree plus a training in oenology. He speaks English and French.
Non-practicing Catholic, he made a career out of high-end product brokerage and trade.
On the love side, love stories and over 20 years of relationship. Then the scenario worsen, the wife changed and got away. Never mind, he is confident and has an idea of the woman waiting for him. He thinks life helps people believing in it.


Between Paris and the Provinces

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President of a group of companies

47yo -

If...tall brown-haired, manly, almost gloomy men with an athletic physique should pick their archetype; it would be him. 47, President of a group of companies. divorced.
A... studious youth. After graduating from High-school, he went to Sup de Co and then followed the path of chartered accounting. He speaks English and Spanish.
A...non-practicing Catholic upbringing., diversified and non-smoker way of life.
And today? He is willing to find a real and shared true love immune to daily ravages

Between Paris and the provinces

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Executive Manager in a renown International group

57yo -

He is a man of 57, the natural, sporty, relaxed kind. He is a Technico-Administrative Executive and is divorced. One of these men who are gifted by Lady Nature and seem to bear an everlasting forty-something… Short-thick-brown hair, 1m80 tall, nice face and a frank smile, he kept a childish little something. We can guess from his square shirt and his jean that he lives close to nature or some ocean.
A lively story. He stopped his studies and started them again as an autodidact. A big push before getting a strong scientific level. Then he was ready to achieve things in good conditions, Executive in a big operator in cutting-edge technologies. He speaks English, does not smoke. He has been once seduced by Evangelic Christianity without being a slave of it. After 14 years of life as a couple, he figured out that they were not on the same track, that their project were moving apart, and that it was time to move on.

Between Paris and Reunion

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Company Administrator

38yo - Single

Company administrator, he is 38 years old. A nowadays style, modern, a zest of coolness and a discreet chic… A physique…the one of tall, blond person, but his shoes are not black but colored with life and wind. With that, Eastern blue eyes and a smile that would accelerate the melting of glaciers and enhance global warming with his interlocutor!
He went to college and got a financial engineer degree passing by Oxford and Columbia universities. A good mastery of English, French and Deutsch. He is Orthodox but does not practice, and he does not smoke.
His familial and parental values have built his vision of life. His heart is now fully available after a life as a couple which allowed him to better understand his expectations, his criteria and his conception of what is a couple.

Between Paris and Brussels

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Head of Real Estate Companies

42yo -

Head of real estate companies. He is one of these 42 year-old men who put distinction, elegance and coolness together. Single for some time, he still believes that there is a woman who is just like him somewhere and that he will meet her. He is tall, slender, thin traits, a large bare forehead and beautiful laughing green eyes. With that, his style is rather sportswear, contemporary, elegant.
His academic background, HND and college studies, completed by what he learned by himself since he is also a self-taught man. He speaks English and French, with a little bit of Spanish. He is Catholic but does not practice. He is quite tolerant. He is not really into smoking, even he if spare one from time to time.


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Senior Vice Président

62yo -

The man has presence, no need for him to try getting noticed nor overdoing it: a clean look, soigné, quite classical and in good taste, short brown hair, blue eyes, a penetrating look in his eyes quickly forgotten when his warm smile is seen.
He just turned 62, he is divorced and you can see on his business card the quote “Vice-President” of a great international firm.
First he went through strong engineering studies, then a mastery of English together with international responsibilities; and after that a short time to climb the ladder of high responsibilities within the company.
His social references are classical, but he is, concerning his religious views, agnostic


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51yo -

51 years old, spent 15 years in a relationship and a divorce.
A pleasant look, he seems sporty, casual style, a frank smile, and something we call a “good mood”. Average height, brown-haired, eyes blue as the ocean reminding us of his origins; close to the sea.
With that you feel comfortable, stress vanishes right away.
He is a CEO, he started young, on-the-job training, he didn’t want to lose time with long studies.
Still he manipulates perfectly French and he gets carried away when he speaks Italian.
Christian but not practising, not many messes on Sundays or Vespers during afternoons. That doesn’t mean that he is not tolerant. He likes kids, and animals. He is as a morning person as a night one. Says he has no interest in tobacco

Between Paris and Corsica

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57yo - Single

He is 57 years old. After a few years dealing with emotional bounds, with no kids, and a CEO career in the industry, he is now ready to give his emotional life a fresh start.
This man presence is quite noticed.
Very short gray hair, brown-eyed with furnished eyebrows; he has a lively look in his eyes. He’s felt as someone loving life, loving to discover new things and to discuss every topic.
He speaks French, English and German. He was raised in a family setting high ideals. He is a practicing Catholic.
A quite impressive study background: First he studied at the “Centrale” School, and then HEC.



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Business consultancy manager

64yo -

Former French consul, he is now managing a business consultancy. He is 64 years-old and is divorced.

He is a burly man, with a presence, a smiling face, pepper-and-salt hair and brown eyes. His academic background is brilliant: Science Po and then he became French consul. He is a non-practicing Catholic.


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Medical Doctor

55yo -

55 years-old, divorced, slender, nice, refined man. He is a Medical Doctor. He has pepper-and-salt hair and a both modern and casual style. As a general doctor he has a Medicine diploma. A positive and calm impresion emanates from him, the result of the traditional values he was taugh when he was a child. He is a non-praticing Catholic

Near Paris

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Liberal profession

64yo -

Handsome gentleman, tall (6ft/1m84) with brown hair and dark eyes. His style can be described as both traditional and casual. He has a dynamic, agreeable and smiling face. He is a Catholic but shoes to Church very occasionally. He has an impressive educational background: Law, Economics and MBA in the famous Stanford university. He can exchange in English, Italian and German.

He would describe himself as a both morning and evening person and he is a non-smoking person.

Between Paris and New-York

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High Ranking civil servant

50yo -

Handsome gentleman, 50 years old, divorced, he is a high-ranking civil servant who is 1m87 (6ft2), he has brown hair and green/blue eyes, he has the resolute features of men of action and a large beautiful smile. His career is unconventional, after his Baccalaureate, he followed the course of a successful self-made man. He speaks English fluently and has developed a sense of being on duty and carrying out missions.


Near Paris

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International Company Director

51yo -

51 year-old, divorced head of a company, he is 1m80 (5ft11) with an earthly look, a youthful face, a little like a teddy bear but with a fit and athletic figure. He is a self-made man with a technological baccalaureate. 


Near Paris

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37yo -

Young man of 37 years old, divorced, without children. Engineer of High Level Schools. Dauphine University and the Ecole des Mines. English, Deutsch. Russian's notion. Distinguished classic style. Smiling, brown, 1m75, eyes blue / green, Catholic, not follower.


Reference : 700NWMSTH - Contact : +33 1 56 68 06 95 - Reply to this ad

Self-employed in the film industry

62yo - Single

This 62 years old single man is self-employed in cinema, he is thin with blue eyes and dark blond hair, a relaxed and distinguished style. He studied English literature, is a non-practising protestant who favours spirituality over religion. Francophile, he loves Paris. 



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Company Managing Director

65yo - Widow

Distinguished, 65year-old widower, Managing Director of a company, he has relatively fair hair with blue eyes. Discreet and warm-hearted, he has a degree in Business Law. 



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Head of Company

63yo -

Seeing him you would believe he is a leading executive, even more, in the Financial, Banking fields… Bingo! He is. His classical, simple refined look and his stature, the shrewd look in his eyes, are a knockout. He saves words, while assessing, and then he seduces thanks to his knowledge and his quality of judgment.

He is 63. After his divorce, he became a youngster again, but still looking for his soulmate. He studied at ESSEC and got a post-graduate diploma, he speaks English and Spanish. He says he is catholic who does not practice much, he does not smoke, and feels in a better shape in the evening than in the morning. And for these who are interested, he has a bit of youth nostalgia for having to leave the country where he was born: Algeria, so close and so far at the same time

Near Paris

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