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Upscale meetings in Geneva

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Upscale meetings in Geneva and Switzerland

Located at the edge of Geneva's lake, the geographical position of Geneva makes it a privileged city in the center of Europe. City of luxury, finance and banks, Geneva resolutely moves away from the usual to assert itself as a cultural and historical center of international stature.

It is in essence place where the high-end is also present in the meetings, especially as 4 out of 10 Genevois are single. If it is not easy to meet the soul mate in Geneva, the high-end marriage agency Monceau St Honoré is here to give a boost to chance!

Geneva: a privileged city for high-end meetings

Because that Monceau St Honore accompanies Geneva and Genevians, it is not only to share the address book privileged. It's primarily to meet singles - or widowers, or divorced - from a high-end environment and listen to them: their expectations and desires are at the center of the steps of the agency. The advisors are also an asset of Monceau St Honoré: you have to get to know each other well to go to others in a constructive way.

Coaching or makeover sessions

Coaching or makeover sessions can be considered, but always to reveal themselves and not hide behind an appearance. This is how long lasting relationships are initiated.

The matchmaking agency Monceau St Honoré: selected meetings in Geneva

It is indeed a real serious and constructive accompaniment that Monceau St Honoré proposes to members. Sometimes with drawn from a fulfilling love life, they are often monopolized by their professional activity. But the success in work is not enough to be fulfilled as a woman or man filled: meet his or her ideal partner is a need to complete happiness.

No contract by correspondence

The agency Monceau St Honoré wants to meet "physically" each of its members for a serious step: it offers no contract by correspondence. It's in its Parisian offices, close to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, that you'll be receive by the agency to initiate with you a story that will transform your life.

...and in Switzerland!

Of course, Monceau St Honoré speaks to all Swiss and not only to Geneva: they are almost a third to be single. Maybe there is the man or woman of your life ...

To choose the universe of the serious encounter, come and find the top-of-the-range wedding team Monceau St Honoré: a first appointment without commitment will, you will see, the difference with your previous steps.

To fight loneliness in Geneva and throughout Switzerland

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