Monceau St Honoré : the high-end dating agency
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  • With Monceau St Honoré's high-end dating agency, finding love and happiness is not made off the cuff
    Monceau St Honoré : une agence matrimoniale sérieuse à Paris
    Monceau St Honoré, the high-end matchmaking agency
  • Monceau St Honoré: a real professional of high-end romantic encounters, in France and abroad
    Over 22 years in the Matrimonial field:
    a TRUE expertise.
    A selected French and International clientele.
  • Monceau St Honoré is a Paris-based dating agency offering to single people high-end services, in France and abroad
    Serious rendezvous
    with single and motivated people

Monceau St Honoré, the high-end matchmaking agency

For serious rendez-vous with motivated single, divorced or widow people,

enjoy our free test and a first appointment without any commitment!

Monceau St Honoré: an unmatched dating agency

For serious meetings, call on a match-making professional

Our members are followed-up by a specialized 22-year-experienced advisor. She pays close attention to their aspirations, confidentially and with the greatest discretion. But our Agency is far from the outdated clichés of marriage bureaus: our steps and tools are anchored in the 21st century!
Our members are French and Foreigners.

We will meet you by appointment. This first appointment, confidential and complimentary, does not commit you in any way. Contact us!

With the dating agency Monceau St Honoré:

Serious rendez-vous

High-end services

Over 22 years of experience in the field of match-making

Listening to you to get to know you, to understand your expectations and your desires

A selected French and International clientele

Getting to know you to find the perfect match with our members

To get to know you and be more effective, we focus on talking and listing to you. We are attentive to your personality, your wishes and your desires.
We then study deeply the profiles that will suit yours. This study can be backed up by graphical and morpho-psychological analysis.

Serious rendez-vous with single people selected for a lasting relationship

With our seriousness and our experience, we will suggest you to meet some single and motivated people. We help you in your search of a solid, harmonious and authentic relationship.

Are you single?
With the matchmaking agency Monceau St Honoré,
there is somewhere... someone waiting for you!

Contact the high-end dating agency Monceau St Honoré

Monceau St Honoré offer to single people high-end services for serious rendez-vous in France or abroad.

Contact the dating agency Monceau St Honoré

Because love does not grow on trees but needs to be nurtured just the same, a real professional will make the difference...

Contact the high-end dating agency Monceau St Honoré

The dating agency Monceau St Honoré received the PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE 2009/2010

for its professionalism, its welcoming and relational sense,
and the performance of its service.

How to choose the perfect match-making professional nowadays?
We can ensure you:

A first complimentary appointment, with no obligation

The high-end dating agency Monceau St Honoré offer you a complimentary appointment, with no obligation, to set out the way we work, to listen to your desires and expectations... and simply meet you for your futures rendez-vous!

A 7-days cooling-off period

You have the time to think before getting into the steps of finding a serious relationship through Monceau St Honoré: after signing your contract, you have 7 days to go back on your decision.

Meetings with single and motivated people

Because the point is to find the perfect match, suiting your expectations and desires, our clientele is selected and composed of people really emotionally available and with the motivation to find the right partner.

A national and international clientele, more than 22 years of experience and an agency rooted in the 21st century

The matrimonial agency Monceau St Honoré is committed to your peace and seek the partner of your life in a relationship of total confidence with you. With more than 22 years of experience, a national and international clientele, the professionalism of the agency is no longer to be proven.

Clear contracts,
transparent fees

We build a relationship based on trust and transparency with our members, no surprises, no hidden elements and you keep a copy of your contract.
You can have a look at our fees and Applicable Terms of Service.

Contracts are signed face to face

The dating agency Monceau St Honoré always meet ALL of its members, to better target your future meetings.
Our rigorous steps ensure you high-end services and serious meetings.

Our high-end dating agency is International

Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux, Dubai, Hong-Kong, New York, Montréal, Geneva, Lille, Zurich, Lausanne, Brussels, Antwerp, Barcelona, Luxembourg, London, Monaco, Nice, Saint Petersburg, Prague, Rome...

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