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Coaching with Monceau St Honoré 's dating agency

A bespoke backing for the choice of an evolution or of a life transition

Individual coaching for a better personal life

Getting efficiently into the steps of finding the right partner for a lasting relationship sometime needs a reassessment. We can provide you, if you're willing to, a backing suiting your needs if you're looking for an evolution and/or a life transition, by weighing in your physical presentation and in your contact with others.

The backing is meticulously adapted to your personality and considers the context of your request and your environment.

The purpose of the individual coaching is to develop your potential, to give a meaning to the current situation, to increase everyone's awareness, to boost situations verbalization and to generate value.


Surpass yourself

  • Coherence with your search
  • Highlighting the interest of adapting yourself to every situation
  • Strengthening or highlighting your assets
  • Leaning on personal resources
  • Development of individual responsibility


Operational efficiency

  • Strong personal implication
  • Observation
  • Awakening
  • Provision of tools and methods
  • Sharing experiences
  • Measures with indicators
  • Overtime backing

Types of Coaching

  • Coaching of resolution:

    Clarifying conflicts, getting out of recurrent issues standing in the way of your life projects (relational block, lack of confidence, of self-esteem...)
  • Coaching of support:

    Facing difficult situations, overcoming personal or a_job_fral failure, get back a dynamic and coherence after a a_job_fral or personal bad patch, take an important decision...
  • Coaching of decision:

    Make a choice based on your inner motivations. Getting out of recurrent issues standing in the way of your life projects.

Our process

  • Study and diagnosis: meeting the client

    The client, the coach, processes. Wording of the demand. Sharing and suggestions, then propositions of actions.
  • Phase 1/ Preliminary analysis

    Meeting to match demands and needs. A self-evaluation carried out with thanks to a specific tool is proposed to personalize your backing.
  • Phase 2/ Coaching sessions

    Sessions taking place at the agency.
  • Phase 3/ Assessment and recommendation

    An oral or written assessment is done at the end of the sessions. It includes an analysis and a precise restitution, and recommendations for the future.
  • Phase 4/ Follow-up

    A periodic follow-up is proposed to ensure the assimilation of what you've learned, of co-developed processes and that you took over evolutions in the long run.

Example of intervention

A young head of company wants to be "herself" during potential rendezvous:

An individual coaching before your rendezvous to define objectives and mediums, followed by 6 coaching sessions. Working on her awareness and talking about her rendezvous helped this young woman to master and develop her expression, communication and presentation skills by adopting a natural, open and blooming posture.

From the beginning of the project, a work on representation sharing, the individual vision, is done, helped by a charted tool. This to be more listening to others, needs and individual motivations are taken into account, a real membership is built. The project is realized through efficient co-development processes.

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