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Some testimonies of our former members

Find here some testimony of members of the dating agency Monceau St Honoré: they have found their life partner thanks to our agency.
Like them, contact Monceau St Honoré to build a serious and solid relationship!
Those testimonies are real, tangible written proof available in our agency.

I do not have the words to thank you for what you do for me Mrs. SALDJIAN

- Arnaud



Dear Mrs. Saldjian, It is with great joy that we announce the birth of our second wonder Vera. Thanks again for everything ! We kiss you Beate, Nicolas, Judy and Vera



Very dear Mrs. SALDJIAN,

Our little Jules has just celebrated his 1 year and it is with great pleasure that we send you his best smile in his outfit "Little Santa Claus" - Enjoy the Christmas holidays - Very affectionately - Sabine - Sébastien and Jules - it's nice to see you in Paris.

300ESMSTH - 700TSMSTH - Sabine - Sébastien

300ESMSTH - 700TSMSTH - Sabine - Sébastien

You have changed my life !
Thank you - FF

700FFMSTH - François 

700FFMSTH - François 

Dear Mrs. Saldjian   We are pleased to announce our wedding which took place on September 30, 2017. Thank you for everything - Catherine and Laurent

300BCMSTH - 700LLMSTH - Catherine et Laurent

300BCMSTH - 700LLMSTH - Catherine et Laurent

Laurent (réf. : 700LCMSTH)

Further to our last exchange, I have the pleasure to inform you that my relation with Sylvie continue to evolve very well. To say all, I live know with Sylvie a wonderful love story. I thank you very sincerely to have put in touch us. We have a lot of similarities, and we understand together in the perfection. I thank you again, for the big happiness that you made possible. As we spoke during our first meeting, you do a very beautiful profession.


Sylvie (réf. : 300SLMSTH)

My relation with Laurent continues to deploy magnificently.

Laurent (réf. : 700LCMSTH) et Sylvie (réf. : 300SLMSTH)


It is with a lot of joy, and a very high emotion, that we send you the photos of our little boy, born on December 2015, while we did not wait for him anymore… A beautiful surprise, after a really beautiful meeting through you. Cupid struck, our small angel came to join our home.

Sébastien (réf. : 02846011) et Sabine (réf. : 2774010)

Olivier – 38 years old - (réf. : 700ORMSTH) and Michaela – 35 - (réf. : 300MBMSTH). Are on couple since the 3 March 2016. We accompany them in the rising happiness.


Olivier (réf. : 700ORMSTH) et Michaela (réf. : 300MBMSTH)

Dear Madam Saldjian,

We swim in the happiness, since our meeting in October 2014, and mostly since the arrival of our little girl. Without your help, we wouldn’t be there there. Thanks for everything!

Beate and Nicolas

Béate (réf. : 300BOMSTH) et Nicolas (réf. : 700NSVMSTH)

 All the team of Monceau St. Honoré presents its congratulations to Beate and Nicolas for the birth of their little girl. Long life and lots of happiness.

Beatrice and Didier are happy in their relation, and look in the same horizon, since the 15 December 2015.

Béatrice (réf. 028337015) et Didier (réf. : 0283662015)

Thank you Madam Saldjian, you do a very beautiful business and you do it well, you do it very well!

The getting in touch between Laura and me was followed by a meeting… then of another one, and we did not leave anymore!

Continue to do of the lucky.

Laura (réf. 300LBMSTH) et Michel (réf. 700HCMSTH)

Madam Saldjian,

Marie-Noelle and myself, whish of a common accord, not receiving a new selection.

Our meeting opens us a new common horizon, and that thanks to the quality of your work and in the care brought in the selections. Thanking you. 

Damien (réf. 028309014) et Marie-Noelle (réf. 028325015)

I just wanted to say, that Beate resigned of her job, to come to settle down on Toulouse, with me; we have the desire to live together, and we just wanted to thank you infinitely, for your quality of service.

Nicolas (réf. 700NSVMSTH) et Beate (réf. 300BOMSTH)

We would like to thank infinitely Madam Saldjian, with all our souls and of the deepest of our heart, to have allowed us to meet and to realize our mutual dreams.

We were extremely perceptible to her professionalism, and in her capacity to understand and to include our emotional and loving expectations.

Today, we have the beautiful project to marry and have children. Thanks to Madam Saldjian, and all her team, our lives have changes, and we found the happiness, the well-balanced, the development, and the real Love which we expect.

Viviane (réf. 300VAMSTH) et Thierry (réf. 700TAMSTH)

Monceau St Honoré set up an international service of quality that met with our expectations. Leading to an enhancive result for your team. Thank you.

François and Maria, 2014

Maria (réf. 300MAMSTH) et François (réf. 700FGMSTH)

Sceptical at first to go through a process to meet a woman, but I still wanted to proceed quickly after my divorce.

I immediately choose to proceed through a top-end marriage bureau. I didn’t have much time, so I wanted several profiles matching my personality to be presented to me.

I look on the internet, and I picked the Monceau St Honoré agency.

I felt at ease right away, we have been able to talk for long hours, after which profiles were proposed to me.

Today, I am sure that this was the right process to go through. Since a year now, the woman selected has been sharing my life.

Patrick (réf. 028158012)

A big thank you from Monique and Pierre.


Monique (réf. 028171012) et Pierre (réf. 0282016013

It is with a lot of pleasure that I send you these few words to thank you, because thanks to you and your agency you changed my life since the day I met Jean-Michel.
Indeed, everything is going very well between us, we get along very well and we love each other in spite of the distance. We have a lots of project for the future. I am an happy and fulfilled woman thanks to you, your sincerity and your professionalism.

I cannot tell you how much thankful I am. We will not forget to pop in and see you at the agency, soon I hope.

Claire (réf. : 028187012)

- Very professional agency, Mrs Saldjian is very human, warm and listening.

- Very good grapho-analysis

- Very good quality of the people met

Dominique (réf. : 028154012)


We would like to thank you for the excellent service provided by your agency.

Indeed, you took the time to study our respective criteria and here there you go, happiness has knocked on our door.
Your agency has provided us with services of an exceptional quality, always listening with a flawless follow-up.
We highly recommend your services to every person who is looking for a partner of quality, matching perfectly with his/her personality and his/her life ethic.

We know that your members are already on the path of happiness, and that love is waiting to enter their life.

We wish a good trip to everyone.


Sabine (réf. : 2774010) et Sébastien (réf. : 02846011

A fabulous trip that would not have happened without you. Thanks a lot! Isabelle

I would have never believed that, one year later, I would address you my thanks forever. Jean-Pierre

Isabelle (réf. : 268209) et Jean-Pierre (réf. : 269009)

[...] From June 2010 to January 2011, I had been put in relation with several people of great quality.

At the beginning of January 2011, I started a new life and I am very happy. I would like to congratulate Mrs Saldjian for her professionalism and for the quality of the services of this dating agency.

Ileana (réf. : 02787010)

Helping men and women in their affective life, exposes you to being criticized. Like in surgery, the risk-benefit balance needs to be evaluated.

The aim of your occupation is to "touch" human beings: with their wounds, their doubts, their dreams.

Solid in your choices, firm but encouraging, present but discreet… You are in your proper place and members highly like that.

Gérard (réf. : 02828011)


Helping men and women in their affective life, exposes you to being criticized. Like in surgery, the risk-benefit balance needs to be evaluated.

The aim of your occupation is to "touch" human beings: with their wounds, their doubts, their dreams.

Solid in your choices, firm but encouraging, present but discreet… You are in your proper place and members highly like that.

Georges (réf. : 700GLMSTH)

Dear Madam,

It is willingly that I hereby confirm you that I am totally satisfied with the services provided by your agency and, once again, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, your availability and the quality of your listening and your warm welcoming.

Christian (réf. : 700CRMSTH)

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