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WOMAN, 47yo - Divorced - Financial director : Reply to this add


Financial director

47yo - Divorced
Between Paris and abroad


  • A little face, something childish and fresh, a slim and airy figure, it does not take more to create this current of sympathy that gives the meeting all its charm.
  • At 47, she has an extended student style, still eager to discover life, social backgrounds, cultures.
  • Financial director of a large banking institution, she has as much immersed in the career ... until the neck;  but today, she intends to use her youth capital, by getting a new look and listening to her heart. This is how the bachelor has decided not to be.
  • And to forget his record, the ESLSCA, Sup de Co with a good level of English ... of course ... to know more, know gentlemen, that behind his glasses limit intellectual, eyes are sea blue, that the “In the morning”, she has the shape, that the children she likes and that on the side of tobacco, she goes on strike.

She is...

Emotive, sensitive.

* Optimistic, enthusiastic, generous, relaxed.

* Not seeing evil, honest, scrupulous.

* Serious, realistic, hardworking and applied in her job.

* In simplicity, modesty and the requirement for oneself, in life.

She likes...

* Discovery, countries, people.

* To be passionate for the music of the Jazz with Blues passing by the classic and the choral song that it practices.

* Sports on earth: walking.

* Sports in the water: swimming.

* Underwater sports: scuba diving.

* And of course nature and hiking.

* On TV, reports.

* And in the movies, the police, the adventure movies and big show.

What he would be like...

  • • A boy between 45 to 55 years old.
  • •french or foreign.
  • • Casual, a little atypical, kind, enthusiastic, motivated to live in pairs.
  • • Knowing how to exchange. A knowledge, a level of knowledge, a confidence to give.

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