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MAN, 78yo - Widow - Company Director: Reply to this add


Company Director

78yo - Widow


Thin, elegant, chisel-faced, in great shape about seventy, has something of « So British ». In blazer, clear shirt and pants anthracite we would see him well in president of yacht club somewhere near Southampton.

Today, comfortable retired man and widower, the man has nevertheless two feet in the capital. Our hero in the look across the Channel is finally a Parisian and happy to be, even if sometimes he likes to escape for a cruise.

The facts remain that in the contact of his character, we fell that he made a beautiful career, but what he knew how to turn over the page and look at towards the future. In the album of memories two columns: Before, with a marriage and its end a widowhood, and now.
A Now that he conjugates at the immediate future. Because he considers well that his taste of the company and his desire of tenderness will find an echo. And when we have the health, energy morning and evening, when we are non-smoker and when we pay attention on his person, that makes all the same assets… so… why not ?

He is...

Optimistic… well-kept… franck… direct… reserved at the beginning… then sociable… sometimes sudden… because he is full of ideas, inspired, a little original, and he knows really quickly to go at the heart of the question.

He likes...

  • The life.
  • To go out.
  • To travel time to time.
  • Also animals.
  • The gymnastics.
  • The football.
  • Television with a taste for eclectic emissions and various.
  • Cinema.
  • And also, the current events, political life.
  • Time to time, a novel.


What she would be like...

  • A… pleasant femininity.
  • A liveliness… to be.
  • A… kindness.
  • A… suppleness.
  • A… Frenchwoman.
  • An… age bracket 70-75.

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