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Give fate a little help, for your future rendezvous

Chose our high-end, modern, experienced and efficient agency!

Monceau St Honoré: rigorous, serious and professional steps in the dating field

Because choosing Monceau St Honoré to (re)built your affective life you make the choice of a real professional of high-end dating, very far from traditional dating agencies or dating sites.

You and your expectations: listening, discretion et professionalism

Monceau St Honoré offer you a very selective access to a new life with someone. A hand-picked international clientele, a rock solid discretion, an attentive listening of your wishes, constituent elements of every records are controlled with the greatest confidentiality. We can even graphically and psycho-morphologically analyze profiles.

Get to know you better: a morpho-psycho and grapho profile study

This study's goal is to build your personality profile by paying particular attention to the nature and the structure of your emotions.
It can shed light on who you are and on the way people see you
. It allows us to build a real profile of correspondence, of those who have a chance to match with you and of those who probably won't. It's a real tool, and unquestionable help falling within a positive process.
These analysis are of course confidential.

Profiles matching your wishes and desires

Our members are all available and motivated to build a lasting relationship: you won't waste your time meeting uninteresting people, who don't know what they want or looking for a one-night stand. Serious and relevant meetings with people sharing your values: our process is completely different from simple dating sites...

Thus, everything is applied to back you up and turn your wishes into reality through serious and relevant meetings.

Make a non-committing appointment with our advisors, , tell us about your tastes and your dreams, tell us about your lifestyle, and we will gives you the means to fulfill them!

With Monceau St Honoré, lonelyness is not an issue

We put our seriousness and our experience into helping you finding happiness!

Your professional life stops you from finding a lover and discoveries?
Recent or past romantic disappointment?
A widowhood, a breakup...

...loneliness get settled... insidiously and durably.

But life is still full of possibilities and meetings: contact us!

We can propose you two services to get to know your partner:


A rendezvous in a romantic environment

  • A meeting to discover the matching profile by comparison, allowing you to know more about you and the other one and to know your compatibilities (morpho psychoanalysis)
  • A dinner
  • A romantic ride with Parisian car
  • You can also choose a "discovery week end" in France


Romantic rendezvous and a trip so you can to know you better...

  • A meeting to discover the matching profile by comparison, allowing you to know more about you and the other one and to know your compatibilities (morpho psychoanalysis)
  • Three dinners meeting in Paris
  • A romantic ride with Parisian car
  • A "discovery" trip abroad

These two services are not included in the different plans proposed by our agency.

Some ideas on the dating agency Monceau St Honoré...

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A dating agency in the 21st century... isn't that a bit outdated?!

Monceau St Honoré is a high-end dating agency, far from all tackiness and from the old-fashioned image of marriage bureau!
Our agency falls within the 21st century: it combines the most modern communication techniques (including Internet), you're listened and you get advised by professionals, and we offer you a selection of members based on a personality/aspirations match-making.
Technologic and human, experience and modernity, honesty and confidentiality, advice and objectivity: Monceau St Honoré, thanks to their professional process, actually bring you a lot more than a simple dating site or a classic dating agency...
Let's get to know each other: you will see by yourself the seriousness of our approach of the dating sphere.

Why not a dating site?

To chose an efficient process!
Dating sites are full of single people looking for one-night stands, full of fake profiles, automated profiles with no one behind or even people pretending to be single to attract regular customers and liven up their site...
Our process is of course different: we know our members to propose them the right profiles matching their personality and expectations (Registrations have to take place in our agency so we can meet every single of our members), members are handpicked, motivated, available and want to build a lasting relationship.
To meet the right partner, contact the high-end dating agency Monceau St Honoré !

Call on Monceau St Honoré: is it expensive?

Our fees are transparent, , just as our process and our general terms and conditions.

What if I live far from Paris or abroad?

Monceau St Honoré is a National and International dating agency.
Members live all over France, but also abroad.
Based in Paris, our agency gather French, Swiss, Belgian, American, Canadian, Russian, Briton, Luxembourger, Monegasque, Chinese, Italian and Emirati members... This is not a marketing argument: written proves are available at the agency.
We meet ALL of our members, it's one of the founding principles of our process to ensure you a total compatibility when matching your profile.
Let's meet: you'll see that our 19 years of experience make the difference.

Why a "high-end" dating agency?

With Monceau St Honoré, you'll see the difference! Our professional, advisory and rigorous approach, our international clientele, our discretion and the attention we pay to our members are interesting for a high-end clientele.
Check out some of our male members' profile or female members' profile, you'll notice it yourself.

What about confidentiality?

You can contact us on trust: the confidentiality of your process, and of all information about you, is total. We have to build a trustworthy relationship with our members to understand their personality and to know their expectations: this trust is based on confidentiality.
To meet serious people, do not hesitate to contact Monceau St Honoré : 19 year of experience will always make the difference!

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